Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen taped new episodes for Fall 2014!
For all the grief I've given Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen for airing repeats five nights a week for the past seven years... Our long national nightmare of seeing Harland Williams stuck in his 2007 style are over! Comics Unleashed taped a batch of new episodes last week. Including Williams. From... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 8: The Roast of Gilbert Gottfried
You know what? Last Comic Standing really has gotten a lot of things right in its eighth season. When Last Comic did a roast several years back, it felt like a backroom thing. Low-budget. This time around it not only dressed up the contestants in black-tie, but made the whole thing a fully functioni... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 8: The Universal Studios tour challenge and a head-to-head that goes “sudden death”
If there ever were a challenge that I know I could have won on NBC's Last Comic Standing, then this week's Universal Studios Tram Experience challenge showed me the way. Back in the late 1990s, while living in Seattle as a young stand-up comedian and improviser myself, I got hired on at the Space Ne... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 8, The Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show Challenge
Does this look like a guy about to be eliminated from Last Comic Standing? No. And I don't mean JB Smoove, either, because he's the host. But DC Benny thought he'd have a safe time cruising into the final seven or farther in this eighth season of Last Comic -- he and several other finalists voted to... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 8, The Sketch Challenge, and a double-elimination
Let's Get Going, America! Two of you must get going, too. Sorry about that. There's something about watching these TV comedy competitions dress up stand-ups and challenge them in different formats -- particularly in this week's sketch challenge on Last Comic Standing -- that reminds me of Mitch Hedb... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing, Season 8, “Semi-Final Day 1″ RECAP
"We started with 100 of America's funniest comedians." Or so the voiceover guy tells us. But now we have 28 semifinalists, and tonight 14 of them battle for five spots, with guest mentors Amy Schumer (past Last Comic finalist) and Wanda Sykes (current Last Comic executive producer) giving them point... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 2010 winner Felipe Esparza calls out Karlous Miller, Last Comic 2014 semifinalist, over Mexican insurance joke
Felipe Esparza's birthday wish probably isn't to have another comedian doing a bit on TV that's similar to his own. Especially when the bit is done by a contestant on season 8 of Last Comic Standing. Esparza won Last Comic the last time NBC mounted the contest in 2010 for season 7. And yet. Yesterda... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing, Season 8, “Invitational 4″ RECAP
So here we are. The final episode of the "Invitational" rounds for the Top 100, and we still have so many comics out of those 100 to see, meet and hear tell us jokey jokes! How can we fit that all in a single hour? No time for trick questions; only quick questions! Are the people in the photo above ... [Read More]