Jordan Klepper ends “The Opposition” wondering if the bad guys won
Last night concluded the 9 month run of Jordan Klepper’s late night show, The Opposition. An experiment in sending up… MORE Jordan Klepper ends “The Opposition” wondering if the bad guys won appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Less Opposition, more Klepper for Comedy Central in 2019
Forget The Opposition with Jordan Klepper. Klepper would just as rather you did, as he and Comedy Central are ending that late-night talker to launch a different, new weekly show fronted by the comedian who broke through as a correspondent on The Daily Show. The Opposition will air its final episode... [Read More]
Tim Baltz Preaches for the Church of MAGA on ‘The Opposition’
During last night’s episode of The Opposition, Jordan Klepper came to the defense of a man named Greg Piatek who recently made news after he was kicked out of a Manhattan bar in 2017 while wearing a “Make America Great Again Hat” because he was being verbally abusive to the ba... [Read More]
Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp Give Melania Trump the Perfect Birthday Present on ‘The Opposition’
Donald might have been too busy to get his wife a birthday present yesterday, but thankfully, during last night’s The Opposition, Citizen Journalists Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp stepped in to provide the birthday gift and wishes for Melania that her husband ... [Read More]
‘The Opposition’ Confronts Alex Jones, Calls Him a Crisis Actor
On Thursday night’s episode of The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, Kobi Libii went to Washington, D.C. to confront Alex Jones, the InfoWars founder who was holding a press conference in the nation’s capital. Jones and his InfoWars colleagues are facing numerous lawsuits for defamati... [Read More]
‘The Opposition’s Jordan Klepper, Josh Sharp, and Aaron Jackson Are Very Excited About the ‘Roseanne’ Revival
ABC’s Roseanne reboot premiered this week and scored hugely in the ratings, and that’s something The Opposition’s Jordan Klepper, Josh Sharp, and Aaron Jackson are extremely pleased to hear. During last night’s show, Klepper welcomed Sharp and Jackson to run through some more... [Read More]
Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson Break Down the Rules of Conservative Comedy on ‘The Opposition’
Liberals love to argue that conservatives are terrible at comedy, but leave it to The Opposition’s Citizen Journalists Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson to debunk that persistent myth. In this segment from last night’s episode, the two reveal the three simple rules that apply to all great con... [Read More]
‘The Opposition’s Jordan Klepper, Tim Baltz, and Kobi Libii Head to CPAC to Talk Guns
If you’re not familiar with what went down at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, don’t worry, because The Opposition ran a segment last night that tells you everything you need to know. Jordan Klepper headed down to the event alongside Tim Baltz and Kobi Libii to mee... [Read More]
Jordan Klepper Defends Alex Jones Against Attacks from “Turd Blossom” and Comedy Central Host “Jordan Keppler”
In addition to trying to pick a Twitter fight with a teenager who recently survived the Florida mass shooting, Alex Jones has found a new enemy in The Opposition’s Jordan Klepper – or, as Jones calls him, “Jordan Keppler” – now that his YouTube channel is in jeopardy of... [Read More]
Jordan Klepper Chats with Parkland Mass Shooting Survivors Carly Novell and Delaney Tarr on ‘The Opposition’
Here’s a clip from last night’s Opposition, where Jordan Klepper talks with Carly Novell and Delaney Tarr, two seniors and shooting survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who are using their platform to call for the government to pass common-sense gun control laws. At o... [Read More]