“Lady Dynamite” stands for Pugs not Drugs
“I don’t need drugs, cuz I got pugs,” exclaims Maria Bamford, who plays a version of herself on Lady Dynamite. Here she is off her mood-stabilizing meds and in a speedy, euphoric state while party planning her dog Blossom’s birthday. Lady Dynamite is a new original single-cam... [Read More]
Maria Bamford’s Netflix show “Lady Dynamite” is lining up guest stars including Patton Oswalt and Sarah Silverman
We were already very excited to report on comedian Maria Bamford’s new show coming to Netflix awhile ago and now the good news continues. The show, Lady Dynamite, has announced some of it’s season 1 guest stars and they include some of the biggest names in comedy. Patton Oswalt, Sar... [Read More]
The only thing you needed to see in the “Two and A Half Men” series finale
Two and A Half Men wrapped its 12th and final season on CBS tonight with a two-part hourlong episode, and you could have, should have, would have just skipped ahead through the closing credits to get to the most/only important thing. Sorry Ashton Kutcher. Sorry Jon Cryer. Sorry other kid who gr... [Read More]
This Week on TV: The Larry Wilmore era begins tonight on Comedy Central with “The Nightly Show”
“It’s like ‘The Daily Show’, but Nightlier” says Larry Wilmore who’s new show aptly titled, The Nightly Show, begins tonight. Originally called The Minority Report, but ultimately changed, The Nightly Show is a spin-off of The Daily Show where Wilmore sp... [Read More]
‘Two and a Half Men’ 12th season will be its last, Chuck Lorre promises ‘season long event’
Two and a Half Men, starring Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer, will end after the upcoming 12th season, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler confirmed. The long-running sitcom, which also formerly starred Angus T. Jones and Charlie Sheen has survived the type of turmoil and drama that usually q... [Read More]
Best of 2011: The Comedy Awards
A year ago, most people would have said we needed more awards shows like we needed more shows about people getting additional holes in their heads (incidentally, don't miss Head-Holers, coming next Spring to TLC). But while we might not have ne... [Read More]
Video preview: Jon Cryer and Tina Fey at The Comedy Awards
On Saturday night, Comedy Central held the first ever Comedy Awards in New York City. It was a night dedicated to honoring all the big guns in the comedy world. It was also a night dedicated to creating some original laughs. You’ll be able to c... [Read More]