This week in comedy: We celebrate ‘Merica
It’s that time of year when summer is in full swing and people are out celebrating ‘Merica, the good ole U.S. of A. So as we celebrate or independence by searing meat and setting things on fire remember to do something good for your fellow man, like provide them with a laugh. They just m... [Read More]
John Roy on Conan, “I’ve always been a nerdy guy”
John Roy was the guest comedian on Conan last night. And while taking the platform he decided to tell us though he’s a nerdy guy he still doesn’t have the imagination to come up with what the folks on Game of Thrones are doing. But we still shouldn’t expect him to dress much like a... [Read More]
John Roy on Conan
John Roy recognizes that even though he's an adult, he still dresses himself like a 12-year-old boy, and sometimes lives like one, too. Maybe don't try this at home, people?! Leave it to the professional stand-up comedians of 2015. Roy also jokes on Thursday night's Conan about recognizing the diffe... [Read More]
Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen taped new episodes for Fall 2014!
For all the grief I've given Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen for airing repeats five nights a week for the past seven years... Our long national nightmare of seeing Harland Williams stuck in his 2007 style are over! Comics Unleashed taped a batch of new episodes last week. Including Williams. From... [Read More]
The Grawlix releases a “Best Of” digital album available for free
Denver comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Orvedahl have been co-running Denver’s most iconic stand-up show, The Grawlix, for three years now. In honor of the show’s anniversary, the trio have released a special compilation stand-up album for free digital download. The Bes... [Read More]
John Roy: Alexander Hamilton (album review)
Unless one has the surrealist joke-writing bent of a Mitch Hedberg or Steven Wright, the best performances and albums arise when the comedian has something to say—when he or she views the world with a distinct perspective and filters their musings through it accordingly. John Roy clearly fits this mold, and his new album, Alexander Hamilton, is evidence why. [Read More]