Chasing the Laugh with Joe Sib
In his multimedia one-man show California Calling: A Story of Growing Up Punk Rock, Joe Sib wove a tale that started with the first time he heard real punk music and ended with him fronting the band Wax and founding SideOneDummy Records. Performing the show eight years ago planted a seed in Joe that... [Read More]
Listen to an exclusive clip from Joe Sib’s new album, “Nowhere Near The Top”
Joe Sib is just a week away from releasing his debut stand-up comedy album, Nowhere Near The Top on 800… MORE Listen to an exclusive clip from Joe Sib’s new album, “Nowhere Near The Top” appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Cool thing to buy this week: Joe Sib’s debut, Don’t Call Me Dude Bro
Joe Sib Don’t Call Me Dude, Bro! Purchase: Bandcamp This week, our pal Joe Sib, the co-founder of SideOneDummy records released his debut stand-up album. Sib’s Don’t Call Me Dude Bro is about growing up from stage dives to parenthood. The EP is available as a digital of physical al... [Read More]
Vans Warped Tour and Warped Comedy Tent creator Kevin Lyman: The Laugh Button Interview
Just off celebrating the 20th anniversary of its existence, the Vans Warped Tour welcomes a new addition to its scene. Comedy. This year will mark the start of a new tradition with the 2015 Vans Warped Tour Comedy Tent and we are psyched to be the official sponsor for its en... [Read More]
Coming To The Stage gets renewed for seasons 2 and 3
It’s been about 24 hours since the new stand-up series, Coming To The Stage premiered, but in that brief time we’ve already learned that the show has been picked up for two more seasons. Comedy Dynamics made the announcement last night at the premiere party for the show and the details w... [Read More]
Preview Comedy Dynamics’ new stand-up series, “Coming To The Stage” hosted by Dan Levy
Earlier, Comedy Dynamics announced it was launching a new original stand-up comedy series on its platform next month. The show, dubbed, Coming To The Stage highlights up and coming comedians that you should keep your eye on, giving a first TV look to much of the next wave of comedian. Dan Levy will ... [Read More]
Comedy Dynamics launches new stand-up comedy series, “Coming To The Stage”
Dan Levy hosts the first ever original series from Comedy Dynamics showcasing a new generation of comics to watch. Coming to the Stage is a weekly series that will be launching May 6th. It’s all about new faces, new stages, and new comedians. The six episode series launches on all Comedy ... [Read More]
Dan Levy hosting “Coming To The Stage,” new stand-up showcase for Comedy Dynamics
Stand-up showcases aren't just for cable TV anymore. A new series from Comedy Dynamics, Coming To The Stage, will spotlight aspiring comedians on a variety of streaming platforms when it debuts in May. Dan Levy hosts the six-episode series, which features a couple of comedians in each half-hour, beg... [Read More]
The Laugh Button presents SideOneDummy Storytellers (photos)
On Friday night, we were fortunate enough to host the first East Coast edition of SideOneDummy Storytellers. A show that LA punk rock label SideOneDummy puts on monthly at its offices. The premise is simple, label co-owner and comedian Joe Sib hosts some comics and a musical guest to come on and tel... [Read More]
The Laugh Button presents “SideOneDummy Storytellers: What Band Changed Your Life?” on November 7th
Attention readers of The Laugh Button, we’re excited to announce that on Friday, November 7th we will be presenting the first-ever New York edition of SideOneDummy Storytellers. This show usually takes place in the offices of the LA Punk Rock label SideOneDummy where label co-founder and comed... [Read More]