Inside This Weekend’s Huge “Women in Comedy” Photo Shoot
“All right, everyone. Lean in!” This past Saturday, in Brooklyn, around 300 women gathered together at Littlefield for a photo opportunity reminiscent of class picture day, but with one major difference: everyone in this photo would be a comedian, or a part of New York City’s comed... [Read More]
Class Photo: Women in Comedy in New York City, 2016
The idea, simple enough: Gather as many women in New York City comedy together in one place for a class photo. More than 200 showed up on a cold, rainy Saturday to Littlefield in Brooklyn. The result, palpable. Mindy Tucker, who's tracked and photographed NYC comedians for the past decade, and whose... [Read More]
Aaron Berg, Jessica Delfino set out to break Steve Byrne’s record for stand-up comedy sets in one night
Aaron Berg is known for his muscles and muscling his way through any crowd work that comes his way, whether he's working a guest spot at a comedy club, headlining a show or hosting his popular free Frantic showcase Monday nights at The Stand in New York City. This Saturday will be the most frantic [... [Read More]
Jessica Delfino’s NY Funny Songs Fest kicks off tonight and The Unicorn is open for business
NY Funny Songs Fest is a fast growing indie festival created by the comedy musicians of NYC for the comedy musicians of the world. It starts tonight and runs through May 30. Their mission is to seek out fun, funny people who pair comedy with music, seek out an audience of fun, funny people who [&hel... [Read More]
“The Hawk” comedy show to come to Weehawken
If you don’t know, the city of Weehawken is located in New Jersey and sits right outside of New York City. But it also houses an array of talent comedians and storytellers. And we’re not talking about the home offices of The Laugh Button. A new comedy show is brewing in Weehawken it&rsqu... [Read More]
So You Think You Can Roast? Amadeo Fusca wins 2013 Friars Club contest following roasts of Dennis Rodman, Padma Lakshmi, Ricky Schroder
The Friars Club wrapped up its annual "So You Think You Can Roast?" contest over the weekend with a celebrity-and-amateur roast of Dennis Rodman, and yesterday announced that actor/comedian Amadeo Fusca had the won the privilege of joining the full F... [Read More]
Jessica Delfino is Becoming Famous | Funny not Slutty
Funny not Slutty interview by Gabriella Giarrano. There are many words you could use to describe Jessica Delfino; artist, musician, comedian, writer and fashionista. And let's not forget this is the Jessica Delfino who beat out Flight of the Conchords for "Best Musical Act" at the 2005 ECNY Awards. [Read More]