Tight 15s: Netflix orders bunch of new, shorter stand-up specials
Netflix made waves two years ago by ramping up production of stand-up specials to almost one per week. Last year, the streaming giant also introduced a handful of half-hour specials called The Standups. In 2018, they’re halving that half! Netflix will make at least 16 new stand-up specials tha... [Read More]
JR De Guzman wins Stand-Up NBC for diversity talent search for 2016-2017
Congrats to JR De Guzman, the 2016 winner of NBC’s Stand-Up diversity talent search! De Guzman, born in the Phillipines and raised in California, beat out Raanan Hershberg, Gibran Saleem, Ismael Loutfi, Candice Thompson, Jessica Keenan, Keith McGill, Rojo Perez and Daniel Webb, who all pe... [Read More]