J. Chris Newberg's exit interview and debriefing from America's Got Talent 2011
On last night's episode of America's Got Talent, musical comedian J Chris Newberg did not get one of the four spots in the semifinals. Spoiler alert? Although if they're doing four out of 12 in each of the quarterfinals, you'd... [Read More]
J. Chris Newberg, Geechy Guy join Melissa Villasenor in top 48 of America's Got Talent 2011
Melissa Villasenor got fast-tracked by the judges to Hollywood along with a few other contestants with varied talents (including the more circus-y big-tent types), while J. Chris Newberg (at left) and Geechy Guy both received approvals following Vegas auditions. And Newberg got to tell Piers Morgan: "Suck it." [Read More]
Hell Gigs: J Chris Newberg plays to audience of four at Cleveland State University
You know how people sometimes glamorize the life of a touring stand-up comedian? Yeah. Well. Not always. Sometimes you have to endure some hell gigs. This is what faced J Chris Newberg last night when he played the student center ballroom at Clevelan... [Read More]
Dane Cook tells me about his Idol finale gig; full studio version of "Simon Said" available on iTunes
After the unexpected ending of his musical performance on last night's finale of American Idol, Dane Cook told me this morning via email a little bit more about the "before" part of the... [Read More]
Dane Cook sings "Simon Said" on American Idol finale, only to be interrupted by Idol's rejects
With Simon Cowell's final season as the judge who matters on American Idol coming to a close last night, I wouldn't have thought that there would be actual comedy to pay attention to, but of... [Read More]