Your First, Glorious Look at "Fat Mac" from It's Always Sunny
When the news broke that It's Always Sunny's Rob McElhenney had gained 50 pounds just because playing Mac as a fat guy would be funny, it was hilarious, but not as hilarious as it could have been, as there was no photo of this new, fatter Mac. [Read More]
Danny Devito: "Always Sunny" Has Added Years to My Life
“I like to have a party,” Devito said with a smile. “I like to drink, I like to carry on, I like to flirt with the pretty girls, I like to hang out, you know, and if it’s a dance party, I like to dance, too. I think you have to keep doing those things no matter how old you get.” [Read More]
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton: Interview on The Sound of Young America
Rob McElhenney had a short film idea. He roped his friends into helping him film it, and soon it was a sitcom pilot. They took that pilot to FX, and the result was It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. McElhenney, who stars on the show as Mac, is our guest on The Sound, along with one of the buddies he roped into the whole affiar, Glenn Howerton. Howerton plays Dennis, and along with their third co-conspirator, Charlie Day, helps write and produce the show. McElhennye and Howerton talked to us abou... [Read More]
Comedy Central at Comic Con: Day Four, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Panel
As Comic Con 2010 shuts down, all the booths pack up their exclusive Tron bobble heads and I write up my final panel recap. The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel is as good a way to end i... [Read More]