INSIDE A COMIC’S PROCESS: How Do You Keep The Same Set Fresh?
This week’s INSIDE A COMIC’S PROCESS question comes from Serial Optimist’s own editor and publisher, David Dean. He said, “I always wanted to know how comedians perform the same jokes, [...]Author informationMonique MadridComedy Editor at Serial OptimistMonique Madrid is a Ch... [Read More]
You Don’t Have To Be A Nerd To Enjoy ‘Improvised Star Trek’ (interview)
While I appreciate “Star Trek” (LeVar Burton anyone?) my first thought when friends told me they were doing a podcast and live show called Improvised Star Trek I thought, “Yeah, yeah, yeah… Nerd Fest.” These aren’t just any nerds though. I happen to know that they are all hilarious and smart as hell, which only makes them more hilarious. Knowing this, I went to a show and tuned in for an episode and no surprise to me, loved it. And so do 1000’s of others, with a fan base that keeps on growing. ... [Read More]