Review: “I Am Battle Comic” by Jordan Brady
Jordan Brady, a former (and still) stand-up comedian turned filmmaker, has found a renewed love for comedy a generation after he first entertained audiences in person and on TV with his own reimagining of what porn films should sound like (whether you say “Bow-chicka-bow-wow” or “w... [Read More]
'Bit daunting, really': the Edinburgh standups reading Chilcot in full – video
At 2.6m words it’s something of a mouthful, but John Chilcot’s Iraq war report is being tackled by comics at the 2016 fringe in a performance expected to take two weeks. Here, they explain why holding the powerful to account is ‘exactly what Edinburgh is for’Chilcot’s 6... [Read More]
'If I get laughs, I will have failed': Chilcot report recital begins in Edinburgh
Comedians kick off Iraq Out and Loud, the reading of all 6,000 pages of the Iraq war report in a small shed at the fringeThe most talked about performance at the Edinburgh festival fringe kicked off less with a bang and more with the clearing of a throat, the donning of some glasses, and the grippin... [Read More]
ISIS ridiculed by Middle Eastern sketch comedy…are these the bravest comedians ever? (Videos)
When you think of some of the best line-crossing, politically incorrect comedians in America, your mind likely travels to the likes of Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope or Jim Norton. And while they continuously push boundaries at the peril of losing an audience, I’d submit that their lives are rarely ... [Read More]
'Los Angeles Times' Profiles Iraqi Comedy Show Creator/Writer Thair Chiad
by Megh Wright "Making a comedy about Islamic State is like trying to defuse a bomb. One mistake and you die. Somehow, we've managed to avoid blowing ourselves up, thanks to God." - The Los Angeles Times has a fascinating interview out today with Thair Chiad, creator and writer for new Iraqi half-h... [Read More]
RIP Scott Kennedy
Scott Kennedy died unexpectedly on Thursday. The stand-up comedian, known for leading dozens of stand-up comedy tours to American military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade, was in his 40s. Scott Kennedy began his comedy career in hi... [Read More]
Eight ways the classic comedy Groundhog Day influenced the world
February 2, 2013 is the dirty groundhog’s 127th prognostication. In Punxsutawney, Phil was been the “true” weather forecasting groundhog since 1886. Now, we are sure a few generations of the little rodents have come and gone over the course of the years, yet the tradition reaches over a dozen decade... [Read More]
Iowa comedian Nathan Timmel traveling to Iraq with Comics On Duty | Iowa City Press Citizen
It's going to be a big year for Nathan Timmel. He turns 40 in November and is getting married later this summer, but first, Timmel is going to Iraq. Timmel isn't a soldier, a United Nations inspector or some sort of diplomat -- he's a comedian. Timmel, who lives in North Liberty, Iowa, will spend 10 days this month performing comedy for the troops. [Read More]
Army Sgt. Benari Poulten - Stephen Colbert's comedy liaison in Iraq | the comic's comic
Sometimes you find your life as a stand-up and sketch comedian in New York City interrupted when your other life as a soldier in the U.S. Army orders you to report for duty, and you find yourself sent to Baghdad, Iraq for the better part of a year. Puts a crimp in the comedy. Until Stephen Colbert shows up to tape a week's worth of shows with and for the troops. "Five years in New York and I had to go all the way to Iraq to make it into Colbert's writers' room." -- Sgt. First Class Benari Poulte... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert in fine form rallying troops in Iraq | Los Angeles Times
Stephen Colbert has taken "The Colbert Report" on the road to Baghdad this week, broadcasting Monday through Thursday from Saddam Hussein's former Al Faw Palace, now within the confines of Camp Victory. Appearing in a camouflage-patterned suit, with khaki shirt and tie, he carried a golf club as a kind of salute to Bob Hope, who did this sort of thing all the time, on TV and off. [Read More]