SNL spoofs NBC Chicago slate of TV shows with Chicago Improv, a loving tribute to iO
Improv gets a bad rap from stand-up comedians, but when Saturday Night Live roasts its own, it does so like this short video from the 43rd season finale, Chicago Improv. The sketch imagines NBC stretching for ideas after already green-lighting three dramas from Dick Wolf with Chicago in the title an... [Read More]
The Nerdist School relaunching as The Ruby LA
The Nerdist School may be dying this Easter weekend, but it’ll rise from the dead next weekend as The Ruby LA, a new, more inclusive training center for comedians on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard. The Ruby LA’s launch will coincide with a 12-hour comedy festival, The Ruby Assembly, ... [Read More]
R.I.P. Tim Jones
Tim Jones, a regular at The Comedy Store throughout the 1980s comedy boom and into the 1990s, has died. Jones, a native New Yorker, headed west to Hollywood like many comedians in the 1970s. On the East Coast, he’d been a news writer for a local NBC station. “I wanted to be a networ... [Read More]
Announcing the Brooklyn Comedy Collective, a new venue and improv school in Williamsburg
Two comedians who helped launch and run the former Brooklyn branch of the Annoyance Theater have announced a new venture together: The Brooklyn Comedy Collective, a theater and improv comedy school that’ll begin hosting shows and teaching classes in March in The Brick Theater in Williamsb... [Read More]
iO West Is Shutting Down Next Week
iO West, the Los Angeles branch of Chicago’s iO Theater (formerly ImprovOlympic) founded by Del Close and Charna Halpern, is closing its doors for good next week. In an email sent to performers today, iO West Managing Director Zach Huddleston announced that the theater, which has been in ... [Read More]
Talking Improv, Marriage, Cats, and Musicals with Jeff Hiller
You know Jeff Hiller, or you recognize his face. His disapproving, glowering mug can be seen in every customer service position in every auteur sitcom of the past 15 years. Hiller has played a disapproving flight attendant on 30 Rock, a nude ghost in Ghost Town, and more waiters than you can shake a... [Read More]
Levity Live buys the Improv comedy club brand
Budd Friedman has let go of owning The Improv. Levity Entertainment Group, which already runs six of the Improv comedy clubs in addition to producing stand-up specials and comedy series, as well as managing comedy clients, has bought the legendary Improv franchise brand from Friedman and Improv co-o... [Read More]
Sexual Misconduct Allegations Have Put the Future of New Orleans and Austin’s New Movement Theaters in Doubt
With theaters and training centers in Austin and New Orleans, three comedy festivals under its name, and a published book about improv, The New Movement has been a swiftly rising comedy powerhouse in the South since it was founded by Chris Trew, Tami Nelson, and Brock LaBorde in 2009. When we profil... [Read More]
Is It Time for UCB to Start Paying Performers?
Performing improv or standup on a UCB stage might be fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s not labor worthy of payment — especially when you’re performing in front of an audience who paid money to be there, and the tech in charge of the lights shining down on you is getting paid mo... [Read More]
Fall Comedy Reads: Budd Friedman’s ‘The Improv’
Welcome to our Fall Comedy Reads series, where we take a closer look at some of the newly released comedy-related books worth checking out this month. Budd Friedman loves celebrities. This point is driven home multiple times throughout his memoir/“oral history,” The Improv... [Read More]