Jen Kirkman: The Laughspin Interview (or Proof of why Jen Kirkman is the Shit)
Chatting one-on-one with Jen Kirkman is a little bit like breaking into the Museum of Natural History after hours. It’s an act that manages to be both nerdy and rebellious, where one could simply wander unsupervised through the halls, soaking up every ounce of information while giggling openly... [Read More]
Jen Kirkman’s I Seem Fun Podcast (Review)
Okay, right up front, I gotta make a confession. I have a serious crush on Jen Kirkman. No, not because she’s smoking hot (which she definitely is), and not because she’s brilliantly funny (which she also definitely is), but because she has a voice like few others out there on the ethern... [Read More]
Jen Kirkman Seems Like Fun
Jen Kirkman does it all – the Los Angeles-based stand-up frequently tours the country, she writes and appears on Chelsea Lately and After Lately, she’s the author of I Can Barely Take Care of myself, a humorous look at the child-free life, and she hosts her own podcast, I Seem Fun, and i... [Read More]