George Wallace will host seasons six and seven of “Coming to the Stage” stand-up showcase series
Coming to the Stage, the stand-up showcase series from Comedy Dynamics you can see on Hulu (and other platforms), will return for seasons six and seven with a new host: George Wallace. “Just like Donald Trump, I’m going to make this show great again,” Wallace said. Past comedians f... [Read More]
A recap of what went down at Montreal’s New Faces Unrepped showcase 2016
Can we talk about last night's one and only official showcase for the "Unrepped" New Faces of Comedy for the 2016 Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal? I don't know, can we? Did you even stay for the whole show, dear agent and/or manager? I'm guessing no based on the half-empty house at the [... [Read More]
R.I.P. “The Riv,” The Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas, Nevada
The Riviera Comedy Club died tonight* after fighting a lengthy battle with economics. The club is survived by hundreds of mourning comics: Some great, some hacks, some geniuses, some frauds, some journeymen and women, some who became successful, some who did not, some who went on to write ... [Read More]
Watch the official trailer for season 4 of “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”
The official trailer for season 4 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is here. While we learned about who the guests were going to be a few weeks back, this official trailer gives us a look at the cars and the season. It also appears that Seinfeld hands the wheel to the guests this season, […... [Read More]
Seinfeld has coffee with Aziz, George Wallace, Jon Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Klein in season 4 of “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”
Season four of Jerry Seinfeld’s terrific web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee will premiere on June 19th. A teaser trailer has been released revealing the guests that get in vehicles with Seinfeld to get some roasted bean drinks. The format doesn’t appear to change much, why shoul... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld Sets Coffee Dates with Aziz Ansari, Jon Stewart, Robert Klein, George Wallace, and Sarah Jessica Parker
by Megh Wright THR has revealed the guest lineup of the upcoming fourth season of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which will feature an odd mix of comedy guests Jon Stewart, Aziz Ansari, Robert Klein, George Wallace, and Sarah Jessica Parker — the third woman to be featured ... [Read More]
George Wallace ending 10-year run in Las Vegas at the Flamingo
The comedian George Wallace has lived a literal rags-to-riches story. Wallace, 61, had sold rags before moving to New York City and selling ads before one of his clients opened The Comic Strip and invited him to try his hand at stand-up comedy. That led to a career change, a new roommate in Jerry Se... [Read More]