Check Out Gary Richardson’s Delightful Short Film ‘Places, Thank You Places’
Gary Richardson is funny in many ways – on Twitter, in web series, and most recently as a writer on Saturday Night Live. Last year, Richardson rounded up some of the funniest New York-based comedians including Carmen Christopher, Mitra Jouhari, Ana Fabrega, Jaboukie Young-White, John Reynolds,... [Read More]
“Saturday Night Live” adds three new featured players and seven new writers
As is pretty customary to do around this time of year, Saturday Night Live announced some additions to its roster… MORE “Saturday Night Live” adds three new featured players and seven new writers appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
‘Saturday Night Live’ Adds Three Featured Players and Seven New Writers
Saturday Night Live returns this weekend for its 43rd season, and this year there are some new additions to the cast and writing staff. The show just announced that it’s added three new featured players to the cast – Heidi Gardner from the Groundlings in Los Angeles, Chicago-based musica... [Read More]
Why You Should Check Out Anthony Oberbeck and Carmen Christopher’s ‘Sex Talk’
Out of Thomas Fricilone and Kelly Cooper’s Ground Floor Comedy has come a truly insane web series worthy of 10 of your minutes today. It’s called Sex Talk, it’s hosted by Anthony Oberbeck and Carmen Christopher, and it will make you feel as if you’ve descended into ... [Read More]
Talking to Gary Richardson (@garyyesgary) About Writing Jokes and Twitter's Power to Make Something Huge
by Jenny Nelson Gary Richardson is a writer and performer having the time of his life in Brooklyn. He performs live around the city and encourages you to see him do live stuff if you can, but to find his internet stuff if you can't. This week I talked with Richardson about three of his favorite twee... [Read More]