Episode #202: Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers is a YouTube star with four million subscribers and one Streamy Award to his credit. He has starred in two webseries, Sam and Stuff for Facebook, and Magic Funhouse for Fullscreen. Brandon was a New Face at Just For Laughs in 2017, and he stopped by my studio while he’s on his f... [Read More]
“Fullscreen” announces on-demand service featuring exclusive content from Paul Scheer
Fullscreen announced plans today to launch an ad-free SVOD service, fullscreen, the world’s first video membership experience programmed for the social-first generation. Debuting internationally on April 26, fullscreen will be anchored by a robust programming slate featuring a diverse library ... [Read More]
Fullscreen announces new ad-free On Demand service
Fullscreen announced its launching its own ad-free On Demand service, targeting the YouTube generation with a variety of movies, webseries, TV shows and more, starting April 26, 2016, with a $4.99 monthly subscription via iPhone, iPad, Chromecast, www.fullscreen.com and select Android Phones. "This ... [Read More]
Spotify launches video element to its service including Comedy Central
Spotify now will encompass shortform videos announcing partnerships with Disney’s ESPN, NBC, and Comedy Central. Deals with NBC and MTV are also in place. “We’re a music company at heart,” CEO Daniel Ek said at the company’s press event today. The new content and featur... [Read More]
“Filthy Sexy Teen$” gets series order to jumpstart FOX’s digital development slate
FOX's new digital comedy development ventures received a boost today with the announcement that high-school soap opera parody Filthy Sexy Teen$ would receive an eight-episode order from Fullscreen. It's one of several projects coming from Keith Quinn and Jonathan Stern, but unique in that ... [Read More]