Does FX's 'Fargo' Keep the Original's Darkness While Losing the Comedy?
by Brad Becker-Parton Many words have been written this week about Tuesday’s premiere of the FX eponymous miniseries adaptation of Fargo, particularly in regards to its faithfulness to the classic and nearly universally adored Coen Brothers original. Critics seem to agree that the show, with t... [Read More]
Dave Attell shares his “Road Work” experiences across America as a club comic in new Comedy Central stand-up special
Twitter may have given everyone the false hope or impression that they're all joke machines. But nobody remains funnier and writes more great jokes and tests them out on a nightly basis in front of living and breathing comedy club customers than Dave Attell. Nobody beats Attell. And Attell wins fair... [Read More]
The Duplass Brothers and Bringing the Lo-Fi Mumblecore Aesthetic to Mainstream Hollywood
by Brad Becker-Parton With the recent mainstream indie success of Mumblecore pioneers Joe Swanberg’s Drinking Buddies and Andrew Bujalski’s Computer Chess, it seems the poorly named but important movement has officially come of age. In the mid-2000s, the films and filmmakers broadly lump... [Read More]
Applying the Auteur Theory to Kevin Smith
by Brad Becker-Parton In the early '90s American Indie boom, auteurs like Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh emerged into the zeitgeist with personal, low-budget projects that ultimately  came to inform a larger body of work that made them the important film personalities they are today. I... [Read More]
South by Southwest Comedy
Attendee response to the first day of comedy programming at Austin’s 2014 South by Southwest Interactive/Film/Music Festival proved one thing undeniably: comedy personalities and projects are garnering more mainstream attention and attracting larger fanbases than ever before. By early afternoo... [Read More]
How 'The Lego Movie' Manages to Keep a Bunch of Plates Spinning All at Once
by Brad Becker-Parton While you certainly don't need me to tell you that the number one movie in the country three weeks running is a success, The Lego Movie seems to have struck a Pixar-esque chord in even the most skeptical corners of the internet. A certain amount of goodwill was always going to ... [Read More]
Gabriel Iglesias will bring The Fluffy Movie to a cinema near you this summer 2014
The next stand-up comedian to hit the big-screen big time is Gabriel Iglesias. Open Road Films announced today it will distribute Gulfstream Pictures' The Fluffy Movie -- a stand-up comedy concert film starring Iglesias -- in cinemas nationwide on July 11, 2014. Iglesias exclaimed on Twitter @fluffy... [Read More]
How 'Family Guy' Gets the Comedic Cutaway So Wrong
by Brad Becker-Parton By now, the cutaway has become a television comedy staple, allowing programs to reveal information, flashback, build on a joke, or direct-address the camera among other options. The cutaway, an abrupt break in continuity editing, (which as mentioned previously here is editing t... [Read More]
Check Out Scott Thompson's Short Film 'The Immigrant' with Dave Foley, Michael Cera, Margaret Cho, and Will Forte
by Megh Wright If the two Buddy Cole Colbert Report segments weren't enough Scott Thompson goodness for you this week, here's a new short he wrote and stars in called The Immigrant about a Canadian comedian named Bob London who gets deported then tries to smuggle himself back to Hollywood via the U... [Read More]
Ron Hutchinson: The Vitaphone Project
Ron Hutchinson has been a fan of classic comedies since watching The Joe Franklin Show at the age of five. The famous show which aired on channel 9 in New York  presented classic movies and music to a new generation of fans. Hutchinson’s interest in these films stayed with him, ... [Read More]