Time well spent with Micah Sherman from the new sketch album “John Rogers: Idiot”
Micah Sherman is not only a comedian, he is an improviser, actor, voice over artist, writer, and performer. For his latest project, he’s teamed up once again with Dan Hirshon, this time for a sketch comedy album entitled John Rogers: Idiot. It’s an album about art, pitching that art, and... [Read More]
The Laugh Button Podcast #33: Josh Gondelman is here this week today
Mark and Matt discuss their recent trip to see a test show of Late Show with Stephen Colbert before it premieres. Then, keeping with the late night theme, comedian Josh Gondelman joins us for an interview. Josh has a new book and is also a writer on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver who oversaw [&h... [Read More]
The not so fine line between a trick and a joke with Justin Willman
With his first Comedy Central Special, Sleight of Mouth, behind him, Magician Justin Willman has taken himself and his tricks to the road. His goal is that you may find the humor in magic and the magic in humor. Relax; allow yourself to be entertained like when you were a kid and you ... [Read More]
The Laugh Button Podcast #32: Nick Vatterott’s life experiences
This week Mark and Matt tackle the comedy news like Bill Burr’s comments on Caitlyn Jenner, Forbes highest paid actors on TV list. We then welcome comedian Nick Vatterott onto the show to discuss the Brooklyn Comedy Festival and his experience on reality TV like Last Comic Standing. New episod... [Read More]
“Summahtology” with comedian Howard Kremer: The Laugh Button Interview
Comedian Howard Kremer, also know as Dragon Boy Suede, has released six albums and has had a half-hour special on Comedy Central. He has written on Austin Stories (which he co-created), The Goode Family from Mike Jedge, Human Giant and more. He has also made regular appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!... [Read More]
Nightmare Gig: Keith Alberstadt should’ve vetted his college gig better
Every working comedian has at least one of those moments in their career. That moment when they take the stage and things just do not go as they wanted. Weather it be a bad venue, audience, or bad jokes, the show turns from bad show to a nightmare. Nightmare Gig is when The Laugh Button […] N... [Read More]
The Fat Jew speaks: “I should have been providing attribution for all posts”
Over the last several months there have been a lot of hot button topics boiling to the surface in the world of comedy. From all things Cosby to political correctness commentary as well as safety in clubs to the most recent topic of joke thievery. Comedy has been leaking into mainstream media now mor... [Read More]
The Laugh Button Podcast #31: The Kickback’s Billy Yost is Sorry All Over The Place
In the news we discuss Fat Jew’s joke thievery, Chappelle’s tour, and Documentary Now! Mark and Matt then welcome lead singer of The Kickback, Billy Yost onto the podcast. Billy is a big fan of comedy and has some killer Doug Stanhope stories and goes round for round with some pop cultur... [Read More]
From sketch to series: “Documentary Now!” from Seth Meyers starring Fred Armisen and Bill Hader comes to life on IFC
The seed was planted firmly in the ground on April 13, 2013. The location, Saturday Night Live. The idea, a documentary about the history of punk. Footage detailed the political leanings of punk rocker Ian Rubbish, a character depicted by Fred Armisen who was a staunch anarchist except where the lif... [Read More]
Happy 70th Birthdate Steve Martin: Here are 70 of your finest quotes
Today marks the 70th birthday of one of the pioneers of comedy. Whether it is stand-up, television, music or film, Steve Martin’s unique personal touch on each of the mediums have influenced the generations that followed him as well as his peers. Some say he is the godfather of alternative com... [Read More]