Sarah Silverman rape prevention tips backlash on Twitter is absurd
Another day, another troll-explosion on Twitter. This one, in particular, was aimed at a very public and well-known female figure with the audacity to make jokes or have an opinion. Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting the damn vote. But this time, those who have their panties in a bunch (i... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler: Bill Cosby ‘tried to Cosby me’
Why does it sometimes seem like almost no one is safe from the claws of the Cosb-er these days? In a new interview with Esquire, cover girl Chelsea Handler (buck-naked, alongside cover boy Nick Offerman, in the mag’s “Women and Men” issue) shared a particularly creepy experience fr... [Read More]
The Laugh Button Podcast: We podcast with Iliza Shlesinger in Austin
Episode #10: Congratulations everyone! We hit double digits on the podcast this week! We’re almost teenagers. To celebrate Mark and Matt deliver all the comedy news of the week which includes all of the developments on the Super Troopers sequel, a new Patrice O’Neal documentary, and Broa... [Read More]
10 questions for 10 years: Early podcasters Keith and The Girl hit the decade anniversary mark
Keith and The Girl, abbreviated as KATG, is a comedy podcast that began in March of 2005. It is hosted by Keith Malley and Chemda Khalili in Queens, New York. The hosts are known for interacting with their audience live via chat rooms, web cam and phone calls. In the show, Malley and Khalili di... [Read More]
I Had To Follow That?!: Brooke Van Poppelen followed Jerry Seinfeld at a showcase
There’s a courtesy extended to celeb/veteran comedians that drop into clubs for spots, where they can go up on stage almost immediately, bumping other comedians on the bill back in the lineup as they do their set. While its a custom as old as the profession itself, it can be frustrating for th... [Read More]
Donate to the IndieGoGo campaign to fund a Patrice O’Neal documentary
We lost Patrice O’Neal over three years ago. Now his widow, VonDecarlo Brown is working on producing a documentary about the late, great comedian called Better Than You. Brown, along with filmmaker Mark Farrell are looking to put together the film and are asking Patrice’s fans and fans o... [Read More]
Gilda’s Laughfest 2015: Jerrod Carmichael perseveres through set via whisper
For a comedian to have had his first comedy special filmed at the iconic Comedy Store in Hollywood, let alone be directed by a director as huge as Spike Lee, he has to have a combination of incredible talent and remarkable confidence. Jerrod Carmichael has both those qualities, and they were on full... [Read More]
Gilda’s Laughfest 2015: Patton Oswalt brought down the house, literally
It’s pretty rare that a comedian can say “I literally brought down the house” and not be grossly misusing the word “literally,” but Patton Oswalt was able to make just such a boast at the end of his appearance at Gilda’s LaughFest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The fa... [Read More]
Gilda’s Laughfest 2015: Brian Posehn embraces his new status quo as a family man
Amiably scruffy Brian Posehn, well known to smart TV fans for his work in cult classics like Mr. Show and The Sarah Silverman Program, has made peace with his slacker past, while embracing his new status quo as a family man, and in the process he has gradually morphed into a post-modern geek icon. B... [Read More]
How to be a cool comedy show producer
Hey there. Before we get started, let me clarify the title of this post. This is not how to produce a cool comedy show as in, your show will be the new cool popular indie show that comedians are desperate to get on because they think a spot on the show means they “made it” then once they... [Read More]