The Laugh Button Red Carpet: Interviews with the cast of Staten Island Summer including Bobby Moynihan, Colin Jost, and Gina Gershon
This coming Thursday, July 30, Staten Island Summer will debut on Netflix. The semi-autobiographical film written by Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost and produced by Lorne Michaels stars Graham Phillips (The Good Wife) and Zack Pearlman (Mulaney) as friends who work as lifeguards in the summer... [Read More]
Just For Laughs 2015: Listen to full audio of Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry Address 2015
The time honored tradition known as The State of the Industry Address has been delivered once again by the man responsible for its very existence. Andy Kindler took to the stage in the Grand Salon Opera room at the Hyatt in downtown Montreal to deliver his yearly speech of self deprecation while tak... [Read More]
The Goddamn Comedy Jam hits Just For Laughs with full force
One of the shows I was most looking forward to up in Montreal this year was the Goddamn Comedy Jam. I was fortunate enough to see the show during my last trip out to Los Angeles and curious to see how the show and vibe would translate when not in the comforts of its home cou... [Read More]
Just For Laughs 2015: Dana Gould Keynote “Your Doing It Now”
Every year at Just For Laughs a keynote speaker gives a speech meant to inspire the comedy community. This year that speaker was the one and only Dana Gould, who is one of the best comedians working today. And that’s because he’s always working. What sets Gould apart from the rest is tha... [Read More]
The Laugh Button Podcast #27: The Life and Times of Jamie Kaler
Matt and Mark talk about comedy movies in the box office. Emmy awards, what new specials are happening. Our guest, Jamie Kaler joins from our recent trip to the West Coast. We discuss his career in comedy, from an extra on Friends to starring in a TV series. It’s been a fun trip. New episodes ... [Read More]
It’s all good news for Russell Howard: The Laugh Button Interview
British comedian Russell Howard is wrapping up a brief tour of North America, hitting the United States and wrapping things up with an appearance at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival. We caught up with the extremely busy comedian to catch up and get his thoughts on what its like traveling th... [Read More]
Warped Tour Comedy Tent tour diary: Electric Boogaloo
Warped Tour Week 2 Recap: Hi, and welcome to recap two: Electric Boogaloo. After two days off, Vans Warped Tour was back on in Nashville and it was a day of many firsts: the first of the month, the first day that comedian Dave Ross joined the Warped Comedy Tent, and the first time that […] Wa... [Read More]
Warped Tour Comedy Tent tour diary: Week 3, the Arizona sun almost does everyone in
Arizona in the summer is hot… damn hot. On this latest video journal tour diary from The Warped Tour, comedian Grant Cotter files this video report from the ground in Arizona where it was hot, so hot that our tent melted. Yep, it melted. For all the latest updates from the comedy tent at the ... [Read More]
Andy, did you hear about this one? 5 songs inspired by comedians
There’s an old saying that every comedian wants to be a rock star, and every rock star wants to be a comedian. Comedy and music have always had a close relationship, from shared work hours to the desire to entertain. While comedians from George Carlin to Hannibal Buress have great bits about b... [Read More]