‘Spy’ Magazine Is Back for the Final Month of the Presidential Campaign
Spy magazine has made a glorious but limited return to cover the election. Spy co-founder Kurt Andersen announced today that the magazine has returned as an online pop-up publication, which will run from today until Election Day and cover the presidential race over at Esquire. Here’s what Ande... [Read More]
Esquire revives SPY magazine for final month before 2016 Elections
SPY is back?!? The satirical magazine that reigned in print from 1986 to 1998 is back online for the final month before the 2016 elections, thanks to Esquire. As SPY's co-founder Kurt Andersen wrote today, people have asked over the years if SPY ever would make a comeback. With so much satire alread... [Read More]
SAG-AFTRA rescinds “Do Not Work” order, allows comedians to work on “Comedians of LA” and “Living with Funny”
SAG-AFTRA posted this notice over the weekend: Attention all members: SAG-AFTRA has rescinded its “no contract/no work” order regarding the series Comedians of LA and Living with Funny. SAG-AFTRA has signed a collective bargaining agreement with the production company Comedians... [Read More]
Maria Bamford, Wyatt Cenac, Mike Birbiglia, and More Share Their Favorite Jokes
Esquire has a fun new feature out today in which they ask 22 comedians — including Kumail Nanjiani, Maria Bamford, Joe Mande, Wyatt Cenac, Mike Birbiglia, Hari Kondabolu, and Janeane Garofalo — to share their favorite joke ever, and it’s well worth checking out for all fans of stan... [Read More]
SAG-AFTRA issues “Do Not Work” order against duo of “reality” series filming comedians and their families
SAG-AFTRA has issued a "no-contract, no-work" order against L. Plummer Media, which is currently filming both Comedians of LA for Esquire and Living With Funny for the Oxygen Network simultaneously. The actors' union notes that the production is for "a single series, produced by a single compan... [Read More]
Brandon T. Jackson first stand-up to join cast of simultaneous reality series on Esquire and Oxygen
At their Upfront presentations to advertisers today, the Esquire Network and Oxygen announced a first-ever joint project that will feature companion reality series shooting and airing at the same time on both cable channels -- one showing the lives of stand-up comedians, the other showcasing the liv... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler: Bill Cosby ‘tried to Cosby me’
Why does it sometimes seem like almost no one is safe from the claws of the Cosb-er these days? In a new interview with Esquire, cover girl Chelsea Handler (buck-naked, alongside cover boy Nick Offerman, in the mag’s “Women and Men” issue) shared a particularly creepy experience fr... [Read More]
If I could say anything about Hicks, it’s that he was doing his best to destroy anything he perceived as hypocrisy
“While also revealing stuff that was overly embraced by moralizers. He was a misanthropic moralist, who did his best to get to the bottom of religious hypocrisy, moral hypocrisy, and societal hypocrisy. But he also made you laugh when he did it. That’s a tough trick. But it’s what ... [Read More]
Will Forte Reunites with Wally the 'SNL' Cue Card Guy
by Megh Wright Here's a sneak peek from Esquire Network's new series Car Matchmaker, in which comedian and former Seinfeld writer Spike Feresten uses his automobile knowledge to pair guests up with the perfect car. In tonight's hourlong episode, Ferensten's guest is his brother Wally — better ... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld Tried to Convince Chris Rock to Take Over for Letterman
by Bradford Evans "I was talking to Chris Rock the other day about taking the Letterman job. I was trying to convince him to take it. He says, 'Absolutely no possible way.' Both of us are out when you hear 'makeup everyday.' You hear that and I'm out." -Jerry Seinfeld in an interview with Esquire&nb... [Read More]