Eli Manning is a better bad comedian than you, for DirecTV
How have we not talked about this summer's DirecTV ad featuring Eli Manning with a "Bad Comedian Eli Manning" alter-ego yet? Roll the clip! [Read More]
'Late Show' producer Brian Teta convinces Eli Manning to appear on David Letterman's show
Call him “The Late Show” Most Valuable Player — when it comes to the Super Bowl. For the past eight years, “Late Show” producer Brian Teta has snared the winning Super Bowl quarterback for a first appearance on Dave — including Eli Manning’s sitdown with Letterman last night. It takes a lot of phone calls to agents before the game and a little bit of luck in the chaos after the final gun when he rushes onto the field to nail down a commitment to visit Dave. But Teta is now 8-for-8, starting with... [Read More]
Watch comedian Mitch Fatel seriously propose a wife swap with Eli Manning or Aaron Rodgers
If you’re at all familiar with the comedy of Mitch Fatel, you know that he’s a complete perv (aka an honest dude). Well, he and his amazingly attractive fiance Jessica are swingers, for real, as he explains in this CNN Comedy video below.... [Read More]