Warped Tour Comedy Tent tour diary: Electric Boogaloo
Warped Tour Week 2 Recap: Hi, and welcome to recap two: Electric Boogaloo. After two days off, Vans Warped Tour was back on in Nashville and it was a day of many firsts: the first of the month, the first day that comedian Dave Ross joined the Warped Comedy Tent, and the first time that […] Wa... [Read More]
Warped Tour Comedy Tent tour diary: Week 3, the Arizona sun almost does everyone in
Arizona in the summer is hot… damn hot. On this latest video journal tour diary from The Warped Tour, comedian Grant Cotter files this video report from the ground in Arizona where it was hot, so hot that our tent melted. Yep, it melted. For all the latest updates from the comedy tent at the ... [Read More]
Fuse TV talks to the comedians from the comedy tent on Warped Tour
During a stop on the Vans Warped Tour, the folks at FUSE interviewed the comedians part of it’s inaugural comedy tent. Grant Cotter, Eli Olsberg, Amir K, and Beth Stelling all spoke in this clip which features the comedy tent we’re presenting all nice and shiny. It’s just a bonus t... [Read More]
Warped Tour Comedy Tent tour diary: Week 2 is in the books
Week two of the Vans Warped Tour is in the books. It’s time to once again check in with our comedians on the road with punk rock’s biggest summer roadshow. Our ringleaders Grant Cotter and Eli Olsberg are once again making sure that people are having fun and smiling. Grant put together a... [Read More]
Warped Tour Comedy Tent tour diary: Meet the comedians
With the Comedy Tent burning up along on all 41 dates of the Vans Warped Tour, we thought it would make sense to introduce you to some of the comedians on the tour. So, we fired up our cameras, gave some microphones to the comedians and let them introduce themselves to you. Get to know […] Wa... [Read More]
Vans Warped Tour announces their comedy slate for 2015
The Vans Warped Tour celebrated its 21st birthday this year holding a kickoff celebration at Club Nokia in Los Angeles last night. Warped Tour began as a festival dedicated to rock and punk bands like Blink-182 and Rancid, but since its inception in 1994, there have been more tha... [Read More]
Los Angeles: Home to Great Comedy in Weird Places
The Meltdown Show with Jonah and Kumail is irrefutably one of the best shows in Los Angeles, recently earning the #1 spot in LA Weekly’s Top 10. It boasts consistently killer lineups, great crowds, plus, you’re almost as likely to run into “industry”... [Read More]