Bassem Youssef says 'get stuffed' to those who claim the Arab spring failed
Satirist whose show took Egypt by storm says the seeds of subversive humour he helped plant will be nurtured by a generation who has grown up online The Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef jokes that his compatriots joined the Arab spring revolt not because they wanted justice or democracy, but out of ... [Read More]
The in-studio experience of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
Last night we had the chance to attend and be a part of the live in-studio audience for a taping of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Not only was it a fantastic experience, it was made quite clear why this show works, was renewed, and needs to exist. This particular show, as compared to [&hellip... [Read More]
'Tickling Giants': The Story of the Meteoric Rise of Egypt's Jon Stewart and His Crusade for Freedom of Expression
by Laura Turner Garrison Occasional Daily Show guest and one-time member of the Time 100 Influential Persons of the Year Bassem Youssef is more than just a late night host, cutting-edge satirist, and champion of free speech. He’s also a surgeon. Up until 2011, he did that job full-time. Inspir... [Read More]
Egyptian elections, military might prompt Bassem Youssef’s cancellation; but one final salute from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
The Arab Spring helped give rise to political satire that allowed a former heart surgeon to speak to millions throughout Egypt over the past three years. Last week, Egyptians elected former Army General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as their new president with more than 96 percent of the vote. And like that,... [Read More]
60 Minutes profiles Bassem Youssef, Egypt’s political satirist
America has Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Egypt has Dr. Bassem Youssef. Big difference. Especially since the latter nation doesn't have as much of a sense of humor about political satire, or satire, or jokes of any kind, for that matter. Sunday's 60 Minutes profiled Youssef, call... [Read More]
Egyptian TV Station Pulls Episode of Bassem Youssef's Satirical Show 'El Bernameg', "The 'Daily Show' of Egypt"
by Elise Czajkowski An episode of Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef's political satire show El Bernameg (The Program) was pulled last week because the show apparently violated the policies of the privately owned network, CBC. A few minutes before Friday night's episode was set to air, a bro... [Read More]
Egyptian court drops lawsuit to ban Bassem Youssef’s “ElBernameg” comedy show
A Cairo court on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit filed by an Islamist lawyer demanding that a popular Egyptian satirist’s TV show be banned for allegedly insulting the president and containing excessive sexual innuendo. Judge Hassouna Tawfiq said the court dropped the complaint against Bassem Youssef’s “ElBernameg,” or “The Program,” because the plaintiff did not have an interest in the case. Youssef still faces other investigations related to the show but the ruling may set a precedent. [Read More]
Comedian Bassem Youssef Not Sweating Islamists’ Death Threats
Bassem Youssef is a comedian with the uncanny courage of a soldier. For Youssef, the fight is free speech – the right to argue against institutional powers without fear of prosecution or punishment. A news report today revealed that Islamic fun... [Read More]
"Egyptian Jon Stewart" Bassem Youssef Charged (Again) with Defaming President Morsi
Bassem Youssef showed a video of President Morsi doing an interview and said that Morsi should win an Oscar for Best Actor [Read More]
Comic Bassem Youssef Investigated for Telling Joke about His Country’s President
The world may be welcoming in a new year, but old habits die hard. What habits am I referring to? Well, that of governments cracking down on the right to free speech, especially when that speech sheds government leaders in a poor light. The Associate... [Read More]