Edinburgh comedy awards: explore all the winners – interactive
From Cambridge Footlights in 1981 to Sam Simmons in 2015, explore the history of the Edinburgh comedy awards. Find out who won, who they beat and how the art of comedy changed each year. When did standup come to the fore rather than sketch humour? Who was the first female winner? Who won in the year... [Read More]
Chris Wiegand's top 10 stage shows of 2015
Unruly choirgirls, an unhinged Kirsty Young and Kinshasa’s rebellious Sapeurs feature in our Stage editor’s favourite shows of the year• More on the best culture of 2015Lee Hall made a wild and wistful play-cum-gig from Alan Warner’s novel The Sopranos, about a gang of small-t... [Read More]
Max and Ivan at Edinburgh festival review – vivid cast of comedy eccentrics
Pleasance Dome, EdinburghThe duo’s latest multi-character show looks at what the (many) residents of Sudley-on-Sea do with their last moments on earth, in a richly enjoyable hour They’ve done a heist movie and a school reunion; now Max and Ivan take on the apocalypse. Or at least, an apo... [Read More]
Sam Simmons wins the Foster's Edinburgh comedy award 2015
Australian standup takes prize for best comedy show at the fringe, while Sofie Hagen is named best newcomer and Karen Koren gets panel prizeEdinburgh comedy awards: explore all the past winners – interactiveThe results are in, and it’s in-yer-face Aussie absurdist Sam Simmons who bags th... [Read More]
Jena Friedman at Edinburgh festival review – intriguing faux-callous comedy
Stand Comedy Club, EdinburghEdgy material about liberal concerns – Bill Cosby, Ebola – lacks the confidence required for such a bloodless deliveryIf fans of The Daily Show are seeing anyone on this year’s fringe, it’s likely to be new host Trevor Noah, who arrives this weeken... [Read More]
What's the one consolation of 10 years of Tories? Some decent political comedy
Political comedy used be an orthodox, tub-thumping affair. Today, it’s a far subtler art, with Nish Kumar, Sheeps, Stewart Lee and Ahir Shah all reinventing the form You can tell plenty about the state of a nation from its comedy. Throughout the noughties, live comedy was by and large unintere... [Read More]
Trygve Wakenshaw at Edinburgh festival review – a fine time for mime
Pleasance Courtyard, EdinburghThe angular New Zealander has the audience in raptures with his wonky physical comedy – and a brilliantly inventive finaleThere’s nothing new under the sun, they say, so maybe this has been seen before. But the simple trick Trygve Wakenshaw pulls at the end ... [Read More]
'I'll miss your dark embrace': standups' thank-you letters to their fringe venues
As the Edinburgh festival staggers to the finishing line, comedians contemplate their cramped but comforting stage homes for the past monthDear City Cafe,When my mum heard I was going to be performing in the basement of a diner for a month, she was worried that I would develop “spores” i... [Read More]
Spencer Jones at Edinburgh festival review – something delightful
Heroes @ The Hive, EdinburghThere are goofy set pieces aplenty in this exuberantly silly show in which Jones’s alter ego, The Herbert, gets a ‘proper job’From Mr Bean to Mr Tumble, there’ll always be an audience for unworldly dorks messing up at life for our entertainment. Sp... [Read More]
Sarah Kendall: A Day in October at Edinburgh festival review – artful, slippery and engaging
Assembly George Square studios, EdinburghThe comedian’s heartfelt story about the shark-infested waters of her teenage life sits uneasily with the truth, but this makes for a gripping experience Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, they say, and Sarah Kendall is playing slippery... [Read More]