From scissor attacks to diabetes improv: comedians' weirdest gigs
Lucy Porter caused a breakup. Romesh Ranganathan did a diabetes panel show. And Alexei Sayle survived a skinhead invasion. Comics relive their worst moments on stageThe 10 best jokes from the Edinburgh fringeA guy in the crowd had been drunkenly obnoxious all evening so I got everyone to chant &ldqu... [Read More]
Byrnes night: Jason and Ed Byrne on how the Edinburgh fringe has changed
The comedy veterans – not related – sit down for a post-show drink and wonder what their 24-year-old selves would make of them nowJason Byrne sips a glass of red wine. “If the 24-year-old me could see me now,” he says, “he’d be smoking and drinking and going, &lsq... [Read More]
UK's Keith Chegwin hacks jokes on Twitter, encourages comics to steal jokes
UK tv personality Keith Chegwin has been accused of plagarising jokes by comedians Ed Byrne and Simon Evans on Twitter. In an interview last year, Chegwin allegedly advised budding comics to steal gags, saying: ‘If you've not got your own, nick a gag! That's what all the top comedians do.’ [Read More]