American comedy acts at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival
It only seems like there are a million other shows happening in Edinburgh each August. In fact, this month, the Ed Fringe is only hosting 3,781 different shows. Of those, only about show up in the filtered results for comedy from the United States. So if you’re looking for an American act, or ... [Read More]
Drennon Davis & Karen Kilgariff perform “Dumb Tattoo Song” on Conan
Drennon Davis and Karen Kilgariff returned to Conan on Monday night to perform another song off of their EP, "I Don't Care, I Like It." And this song takes a moment to build toward its fun reveal. Although since you read the headline, perhaps you already know where it's going. Roll the clip! You can... [Read More]
Drennon Davis and Karen Kilgariff’s Comedy Music Album ‘I Don’t Care, I Like It’ Is Out Today
Drennon Davis and Karen Kilgariff’s debut comedy music album is out today. Available through A Special Thing, I Don’t Care, I Like It has tracks that cover “GPS led by rock star vocalists, partying at a funeral, goths in the sun, dumb tattoos and more” as well as “You&r... [Read More]
Scope two tracks from Drennon Davis & Karen Kilgariff’s new comedy album “I Don’t Care, I Like It” out November 20
Drennon Davis and Karen Kilgariff have announced the release of their new comedy music album I Don’t Care, I Like It on November 20 on ASPECIALTHING RECORDS. This debut full length from the much-loved LA duo includes their hit “You’re Gonna Be Fine (High Song)” which they per... [Read More]
Bentzen Ball 2015 ends with a surprise guest from curator Tig Notaro
The Bentzen Ball, an annual comedy festival curated by Tig Notaro and presented by Brightest Young Things since 2009, was an unequivocal smash hit this past weekend in Washington, D.C. From the moment it began on Thursday with an all-star lineup sitting on the sofa with Dr. Katz (Jim Gaffigan, Janea... [Read More]
Drennon Davis & Karen Kilgariff perform “The High Song” on Conan
If you've never gotten high on marijuana before, then perhaps don't. But if you ever plan on doing so, then cue up "The High Song" by comedians Drennon Davis and Karen Kilgariff, and then decide. Here they are, performing that song off of their new EP, on Thursday night's episode of Conan. Roll the ... [Read More]
The Next Wave 2015: The Top Up-and-Coming Comics in Los Angeles
by Samantha Pitchel Welcome to the second semi-annual edition of The Next Wave, Splitsider’s roundup of exciting new comic voices from around the country. Splitsider readers are no doubt familiar with most of the established stand-ups in the country – ones who have risen up via TV appea... [Read More]
Meet the Top 100 comedians competing on Season 8 of Last Comic Standing
So who received invites to the televised comedy competition that is Last Comic Standing in 2014? Here are your Top 100 who auditioned for Season 8 of Last Comic. The season premieres Thursday on NBC. Not listed in order of finish or preference. Not yet, anyhow. How many of these stand-up comedians d... [Read More]