Rosie Jones: 'People feel awkward about disability so I always have jokes in my back pocket'
The Bridlington-born standup is at Edinburgh with her debut show. She talks about surprising audiences, her sitcom and how her cerebral palsy lets her push boundariesHow would you describe your sense of humour? I’m very cheeky. Because of my disability, I know how to push things and I know whe... [Read More]
Lost Voice Guy review – self-lacerating comedy with something to say
Gilded Balloon, EdinburghBritain’s Got Talent winner Lee Ridley combines the political and personal with razor-sharp observations about disability‘If you expect me to be that sweet and innocent tonight, you’re in a for a big surprise.” And so Lee Ridley greets his audience &n... [Read More]
Bad-taste merchant Mike Ward cheapens the fight for free speech
The Canadian comic is at the Edinburgh fringe with his protest show about a joke that saw him ordered to pay $42,000. It’s not a well-argued defenceMike Ward appears on his poster in a muzzle. Freedom of Speech Isn’t Free runs his show title. Ward is the Canadian comic who’s just b... [Read More]
Nina G: Comedian Who Stutters Goes Beyond the Punch Lines
by Valerie Branch, Guest Contributor ALAMEDA, CA – Nina G bills herself as “America’s Only Female Stuttering Comedian”. Less obvious about this stand-up comedian, social activist, and author, is that she also has a learning disability. Both Nina G’s stutter and her lear... [Read More]
Josh Blue, ‘Sticky Change’ (review)
Sticky Change is Josh Blue’s follow up to 2005’s Good Josh, Bad Arm and the Last Comic Standing winner does not disappoint once again. Live from Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN, Blue talks about being born in Africa, how he looks homeless no matter what, arguments his Japanese wife, his children,... [Read More]