Presenting ‘Mastergate,’ an October Comedy Surprise
I’ve seen countless posts across the Internet this year saying some variation of “2016 sucks for killing so many of our favorite celebrities.” Obviously they worded it less like a robot pretending to be a human, but you get the point. I’m not breaking any news when I say it&r... [Read More]
Rediscovering Danny DeVito’s Long-Lost Directorial Debut
If I had a dollar for every article I’ve tried to write about a piece of comedy that is lost forever due to time, or the constraints of live television, or just plain and simple negligence, I’d be a rich man. For just a few examples off the top of my head, The Marx Brothers, […] [Read More]
Examining the Cable Collaborations of Jablin, Mulholland, and Barrie
A few months back we looked at the unproduced script for Johnny Carson’s comeback special, written by “Johnny’s favorite writers,” Michael Barrie and Jim Mulholland from an idea they co-created with producer/director David Jablin. Over the years, the trio had created a number... [Read More]