Laugh Tracks by Laughspin, episode 5: Brian Posehn, Chris D’Elia, Dave Anthony (Audio)
Laugh Tracks is staying put in the state of California to bring you three more amazing comedians that call it home. To keep things a little organized, we arrange our featured comics by state. Fun! This week we feature comedy tracks from Brian Posehn, Chris D’Elia and Dave Anthony! Each week, L... [Read More]
2nd Annual LA Podcast Festival
Serial Optimist has had October 4-6th circled with a big red marker for months now eagerly awaiting the 2nd Annual LA Podcast Festival to kick off. We had a blast [...]Author informationDavid DeanPublisher at Serial OptimistDavid is the publisher of Serial Optimist and writer of things that hopefull... [Read More]
This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy In June
There was so much happening with Kim and Kanye that we almost forgot that Egypt was in such an upheaval that would lead to their president stepping down. With that [...]Author informationJake KroegerContributing Comedian at Serial OptimistDirector of The Comedy Bureau, comedy journalist, and stand-u... [Read More]
Marc Maron on putting his life on camera (IFC’s Maron) and in memoir (“Attempting Normal”)
"Are you good?" Marc Maron asks the question sincerely after I enter his hotel room in Midtown Manhattan, catching the comedian amid a day full of back-to-back phone interviews with the media. Not "Are we good?" nor the colloquial "We good?" that has... [Read More]
Image of First ever comedy podcast festival may become reality
First ever comedy podcast festival may become reality
A few years ago, the idea of launching a comedy podcast was considered an innovative one. Today, however, there are more than 16 billion comedy podcasts (that’s an estimate). The point is, there’s so many — and so many quality comed... [Read More]