John Heffron cuts deep with comedians in new Comedy Bit List podcast series on Rhapsody
Just when you thought there were more than enough podcasts that involved comedians interviewing comedians, along comes another comedian-on-comedian podcast -- but this one offers a twist. Or two. For one thing, Comedy Bit List with John Heffron, hosted by the former Last Comic Standing winner, airs ... [Read More]
Comedians advice for new stand-up comedians: From the Laugh Factory
A lot of aspiring comedians ask me for advice on getting into the business, and I remember from my own experiences in Seattle, those early days and nights when I would hope for a chance to corner each weekend's headliners at the Comedy Underground an... [Read More]
New animation from comedian Darren Carter: orange Armenian baby man
More and more, comedians are taking the Shorties Watchin’ Shorties approach to help promote their newest projects. If you’re too young to know what we’re talking about, we’re talking about animation, young shavers! You see, Co... [Read More]
Standup Bootcamp: Day 3
9:45am- My ride got us in a little late. We walk in on a conversation Louie is having with everyone about different contacts around the states in regards to stage time. 10:45am- Jason Moffett is an impromptu guest speaker. The original guest speaker was rescheduled. Jason is attending the bootcamp but has only a passing interest in stand up. He is a very successful online marketer, so he spent a great deal on stage describing different methods of gathering contacts online. [Read More]
Darren Carter interview - Spread The Red! |
When you meet Darren Carter for the first time, you notice that there is something different about him. Your eyes focus on his short red hair and his engaging smile, and then it hits you. This man looks happy! [Read More]