Canada gets into the streaming stand-up game with CraveTV
Canadians now have another streaming platform of their own to pitch their stand-up comedy specials. CraveTV‘s first original comedy special, Darcy Michael Goes To Church, premieres Friday. It’s the first of three stand-up projects coming to CraveTV in partnership with Just For Laughs, fi... [Read More]
Darcy Michael: Family Highs | album review
Family Highs is a solid comedy album. If you are familiar with gay comics, you will recognize some of the tropes of the genre such as getting married means gays have as little sex as straight people. Fortunately, Michael goes beyond these usual topics and has some very funny and ... [Read More]
Nick Guerra wins NBC’s 11th annual Stand-Up For Diversity contest, network holding deal
Nick Guerra may have made an even better first impression with NBC than he thought. Last summer, you saw Guerra shine in his early auditions for Last Comic Standing. Last night, NBC announced he'd won the network's separate contest, called StandUp NBC (formerly Stand-Up For Diversity). His prize is ... [Read More]