Wendy Liebman joins Darik Santos, Joe Matarese in America’s Got Talent 2014′s Judgment Week
After what seemed like a month of repeats and repackaged highlights from the auditions for the 2014 season of America's Got Talent, we finally moved on to Judgment Week -- this time not in Las Vegas, but in New York, or New Jersey. Close enough for judge Howard Stern to make it, and that's what matt... [Read More]
The Comedy Cellar to broadcast new weekly show on SiriusXM
Today SiriusXM announced a new addition to its recently revamped Raw Dog channel which now includes Ron & Fez. That new show is a show live from one of New York’s most renowned comedy clubs, The Comedy Cellar. Tomorrow, April 10th at 7pm ET The Comedy Cellar Show will launch on Raw Dog Sir... [Read More]
The Comedy Cellar launches weekly radio broadcast for SiriusXM
Fans of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn well know that his Comedy Central show attempted to duplicate the electric, entertaining and sometimes enraging conversations that happen at the comedians' table in the back corner of The Olive Tree Cafe, above New York City's celebrated comedy club, The Com... [Read More]
Dan Naturman’s killer fourth appearance on Late Show with David Letterman
Dan Naturman made his fourth appearance on Late Show with David Letterman on Friday night's show, and crushed it. Killed. You'll learn in under five minutes why Naturman hasn't gotten married yet, how it's too easy to have children, how he finally upgraded his cell phone package, what he knows about... [Read More]
Dan Naturman on Late Show with David Letterman
Dan Naturman performed on Friday's Late Show with David Letterman. Hear what Naturman has to say about marriage, foreign languages, prescription drugs and alumni giving. Important stuff! Roll the clip! [Read More]
Judah Friedlander, Steven Wright, Tom Papa, more perform for Laugh For Sight
Comedy Matters doesn’t only talk about comics. It talks about the people who make the comedy world what it is, a wonderful place to be! Chris Mazzilli, owner of Gotham Comedy Club, is a special kind of guy and a very charitable man. I don’t thi... [Read More]