Profiles in Funny: Dan Dion’s photographs from Montreal’s Just For Laughs, 2014
Montreal's Just For Laughs festival can seem like a whirlwind, whether it's your first year or your 30th, whether you're a fan or a Gala headliner. But photographer Dan Dion managed to make time stop once again this July, thanks to his camera and the trust he has with the many performers who pose fo... [Read More]
Dan Dion’s ’365 Comedian Portraits’ Project
Dan Dion, an expert photographer of comedians, is opening up his 20-year-old archive with the “365 Comedian Portraits” project. Of course, we are already well into 2013 and some images have already been revealed. Some portraits in the pro... [Read More]
Comedian Portrait-A-Day for 2013, courtesy of Dan Dion
Do you need a funny face to brighten up your days in 2013? Photographer Dan Dion is here to help. Whether you already have a calendar or not for this year, Dion has a new photo for each of the next 365 days. His Comic Portrait-A-Day kicks off this Ja... [Read More]
25 Captions of Christmas: Day 12, enter to win Statiristas! book, Jim Gaffigan, and Paul F Tompkins
For 25 Captions of Christmas we’ll be offering up some sweet comedy prizes that you can win with just a snarky comments. Prizes will include autographed books, DVDs, CDs, TV shows and the like that are all from funny people. Every morning we will post a photo for you to caption, you enter by l... [Read More]
God's Gallery of Comedians by Dan Dion (audio interview)
Dan has photographed some of the biggest of the bigs. We’re talking Dave Chappelle, Steve Martin, Conan O’Brien, Marc Maron, Jerry Seinfeld, Jonathan Winters, Zach Galifianakis, and George Carlin, among others. So in this episode I ask Dan about that, what it’s like to capture some of the greatest comedians who have ever lived on film, some behind-the-scenes details of his most prolific subjects, his work with musicians and venues, and much more. Plus, another conversation about my irrational... [Read More]
Satiristas Uncut, Part 2 - The Love (Paul Provenza & Dan Dion interview) | Third Beat
Satiristas, a collection of interviews with comedians by Paul Provenza and photography by Dan Dion, is the type of book that people visiting comedy blogs (that’s you) would want to take note of. [Read More]
Satiristas Uncut, Part 1 - The labor (Paul Provenza & Dan Dion interview) | Third Beat
Satiristas is a deceptively hefty read. The fat has been trimmed, leaving behind only the juiciest, grade-A slabs of insight. Provenza wisely assumes we know who these people are, and doesn’t waste space with unnecessary life story exposition. An economic summary with just the essentials serves to fill in a reader’s occasional blind spot. This is the textbook for advanced students of comedy, rendering a large chunk of a typical comedy nerd’s library obsolete. Paul and Dan spoke about their labor... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien - In Happier Times (interview excerpt from ¡Satiristas!) | GQ
The upcoming book ¡Satiristas!—collection of interviews with funny people, conducted by Paul Provenza and Dan Dion—features a sit-down with Conan O'Brien, conducted before his showdown with NBC and his subsequent deal to go to TBS. But even then, it seems, Conan was talking up the joys of cable TV. The book publishes next week. Here, an exclusive excerpt from ¡Satiristas!, featuring Provenza's complete interview with Coco. [Read More]
Satiristas! Photographs by Dan Dion - Interviews by Paul Provenza (review) | The Serious Comedy Site
Superb book, stupid ass title. Satiristas combines Dan Dion's comedian photographs and interviews with many of the same satire comics and artists by Paul Provenza. A Dan Dion photograph is almost the same thing as listening to the comic. In some cases like the Lewis Black or Chris Rock picture it is the same thing. Provenza, of Aristocrats fame, delivers the most intelligent interviews with comics I have read; the comics and satirists actually say something. [Read More]