Mike Myers Pays a Visit to ‘The Tonight Show’ as Dr. Evil
The Tonight Show got an extra special treat last night when Jimmy Fallon had the honor of interviewing the latest person to be fired from the Trump administration: the one and only Dr. Evil. It turns out Dr. Evil has been the mastermind behind all the most evil ideas that have come out of the [&hell... [Read More]
Amy Adams hosted “Saturday Night Live”: It’s Christmas time in studio 8H
The Christmas episode of SNL is a tough one to hate on. Because no matter what happens we’re guaranteed a fun live vibe to the evening. To us it’s always felt the most live and “New York” episode of the show we get each year. The city plays a big part in the spirit of [&helli... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: Amy Adams' Got Christmas Spirit
by Erik Voss Like anything else this time of year, it's hard not to come away from SNL in good spirits. Traditionally, the show's holiday episode provides an easy victory just in time for SNL's weary midseason mark, with returning stars like Jimmy Fallon or Martin Short bringing in the hol... [Read More]