John Heffron cuts deep with comedians in new Comedy Bit List podcast series on Rhapsody
Just when you thought there were more than enough podcasts that involved comedians interviewing comedians, along comes another comedian-on-comedian podcast -- but this one offers a twist. Or two. For one thing, Comedy Bit List with John Heffron, hosted by the former Last Comic Standing winner, airs ... [Read More]
Ten Questions with Craig Shoemaker
Craig Shoemaker is a veteran comedian with over two decades in the craft. When not touring the country doing stand-up, Craig is busy with his weekly podcast, Laugh It Off, sundry acting roles, and raising a family. I reviewed Craig’s last Showtime special, one of his live shows in North Caro... [Read More]
From The Lovemaster to my three sons: Craig Shoemaker on developing a case of “Daditude”
For many years, Craig Shoemaker proved that pervy was funny. Or at least sounding pervy could be very funny. His vocal impersonations of "The Lovemaster" filled comedy clubs with laughter across America, and in 1997, he won the American Comedy Award ... [Read More]
Craig Shoemaker’s Daditude Adjustment
Between stand-up specials and shows like Inside Comedy and The Green Room with Paul Provenza, Showtime has officially surpassed HBO as the go-to network for commercial-free, uncensored comedy. Earlier this year I reviewed Tom Green’s Showtime special... [Read More]
Craig Shoemaker: The Lake Norman Lovemaster
Craig Shoemaker has been performing stand-up for almost three decades. He’s had specials on Comedy Central and HBO. His awards have included “Comedian of the Year” and “Best in Philly.” I got to check out Shoemaker’s live show recently at the Lake No... [Read More]
Standup comedy enters Twitter era - CNN interviews John Heffron & Craig Shoemaker
Generations of standup comedians never saw this coming. To succeed in the industry these days, you don't just need to be good on stage and screen. You also have to nail the art of sending out mini-messages to Twitter "followers." But if your humor is based on storytelling, persona and, you know, the way you say stuff, how can you get hilarious in 140 characters or less? For the pros, it's a challenge and an opportunity. CNN's Josh Levs spoke with two successful standup comics who are diving into... [Read More]
'The View' Reunites Comedians Whoopi Goldberg, Craig Shoemaker
National headlining comedian Craig Shoemaker will make a guest appearance on The View, Thursday, April 2, and reunite with moderator Whoopi Goldberg, who gave the comedian his first big break on HBO's Comic Relief V in 1992. [Read More]