Help! We're trapped in an American sitcom – exclusive Comic Relief video
In Flatshare, created by the comedy sketch trio Massive Dad for Comic Relief, two mates walk into the world of a US sitcom, complete with canned laughter. The sketch is part of the Comic Relief Originals series to mark Red Nose Day on 24 March. Flatshare was written by Stevie Martin, Tessa Coates an... [Read More]
Margaret Cho busking in the streets of San Francisco to #BeRobin, help the homeless
If you're walking the streets of San Francisco this month, you're likely to see an unfair number of homeless people and one busker singing and performing who should look familiar. Margaret Cho has gone Dancing With the Stars, but now she's dancing, singing and performing for the homeless. Cho began ... [Read More]
Remembering Robin Williams
You want to be able to quote his inspirational movie lines back to him, to step on a desk and shout to him, "O Captain! My Captain!" You want to be able to hug him close and tight and never let go, telling him, "It's not your fault." And then you want to throw him the curve, twirl him around and sho... [Read More]
NBC, Comic Relief, and Funny Or Die to bring Red Nose Day charity special to the US
Richard Curtis’ Red Nose Day charity special has aired biennially in the United Kingdom for the past 26 years. The telethon has been one of the UK’s highest-rated Friday night shows, and has raised over $1 billion dollars for charity. According to Deadline, Curtis will partner up with NB... [Read More]
Comic Relief in hot water after investing in alcohol, tobacco, and guns
Looks like Comic Relief was looking for relief in all the wrong places. The British charity “Comedy Relief” was founded in 1985 and works hard to raise and donate millions of pounds each year to those in need. However, a recent BBC documentary found that while the charity preaches cuttin... [Read More]