This new trailer teases the first full season of “The Tick”
Finally! The full first season of Amazon original series The Tick is about to hit the streaming service, and there’s a… MORE This new trailer teases the first full season of “The Tick” appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
A Recommendation: ‘Cosmic Bowl’ from ‘The Flop House’
I will concede upfront that I am a soft touch for Cosmic Bowl, the maiden entry in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of horror-anthology comic books from Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington, and Elliott Kalan of beloved bad-film podcast The Flop House, because it combines three of my favorite t... [Read More]
The Underground Cartoonist’s Guide to Drawing Gigantic Sweat Drops Emerging From His Characters’ Foreheads When They Are in the Midst of Lustful Gaze [1971 Edition], by Alex Firer
Greetings, O’ Underground Cartoonist! Thank you for entering into this course! You’ve undertaken a noble profession — the art of comics free from the corporate ways, free from the fashions and styles of the superhero with its barely hidden sexual longing and children&rs... [Read More]
Comics in Comics: The Bizarre History of Comedians in Comic Books
When the average person thinks about comic books, they don’t necessarily think about standup comedians. Sure, both are called comics, but one allows readers to see another world that is filled with beautiful people battling evil villains, and the other allows audience members to see a man or w... [Read More]
This is a Hannibal Buress joke turned into a comic strip
Comic book artist Jaeil Cho is a talented person. If you remember back a few months, he’s already animated Louis C.K.’s famous Why? bit and then followed it up with Dave Chappelle’s joke about The Secret. Now, Hannibal Buress is the next comedian that fell under Cho’s ink pen... [Read More]
The Devastator Is Releasing a Bundle of Comedy Books
by Bradford Evans Comedy publisher The Devastator announced today that they've partnered with StoryBundle to release a batch of comedy books. Here's a sweet burn on crappy humor books from the announcement: "When we go to a book store and look at 'humor books,' we typically see titles like Uncl... [Read More]
'Bob's Burgers' Is Getting the Comic Book Treatment This Summer
by Megh Wright Fox's hit animated show Bob's Burgers is getting a comic book spin-off this summer. THR reports that Bob's Burgers: The Comic Book — written and created by writers and artists of the show — is set for a release this August from Dynamite Entertainment. Here's a statement fr... [Read More]
Coming to a comic book shop near you, it’s ‘Bob’s Burgers!’
The beloved animated Fox show Bob’s Burgers is launching a spin-off comic book series this summer. Created by writers and artists from the show, the new comic book version of the Belcher clan will be released via Dynamite Entertainment in August, according to THR. The first issue, available fo... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Is Doing a Week of Shows from Comic-Con in 2015
by Bradford Evans Conan O'Brien is set to become the first late night host to do a week of shows from Comic-Con. The TBS host plans to broadcast his shows from July 8 to July 12, 2015 (yes, that's really far away) from San Diego's Spreckels Theater during the massive annual comic book convention, De... [Read More]
Comic Books Make Me Happy: Hip Hop Family Tree
Try this: Take New York City in the mid-1970s and picture in your mind its exact opposite in time and space. If you answered Alpine, California, in the early 1990s, […]Author informationJimmy CallawayAuthor at Serial OptimistJimmy Callaway lives in San Diego. He works in a comic book store an... [Read More]