Somewhere Between 5 and 7
Somewhere Between 5 and 7 features a more controlled and less profane Steve Sabo, for the most part. Don't get me wrong, Sabo is still an adult audience comic but for the first two thirds of the album he manages to deliver his material without a series of F-words. The ... [Read More]
Back to Back - Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher
Stand-up comics Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher are married. To please their many fans, they decided to do a show in common. The result is Back to Back. The audience liked it and if you are a fan of either or both comics so will you. Personally, I think this ... [Read More]
Anything Is Possible
James Mullinger has gargantuesque balls. 3 years ago this very successful British comic decided to move to Saint John, New Brunswick and see if he could become a famous Canadian comic, something that is almost an oxymoron. There is also the fact that like Guinness, British humour does not travel ...... [Read More]
Mr. Funny Man
Dana Gould won an Emmy writing for The Simpsons. Considering past nominees and winners of the Grammy for best comedy album are highly questinonable, I doubt Gould will get that award or even a nomination. He should. Mr. Funny Man is a solid comedy album. Here is some of what ... [Read More]
At six feet seven, 90% flannel 10 % pumpkin spice, and a big guy, Ray Harrington stands out in a crowd. Overwhelmed, his stand-up comedy CD, also stands out in a crowd of releases. Harrington has a conversational tone that makes the audience at ease and for an album that ... [Read More]
Drawn Together - The Complete Collection
Drawn Together ran on Comedy Central from 2004 to 2007. The premise is eight different animated characters live together in a Big Brother type house. It is definitely for an adult audience and for an audience who is familiar with the tropes of animation and cartoons.  Drawn Together The Complet... [Read More]
Depression, cannibalism, Hitler fatigue, a rant on the expression drinking the Kool-Aid, a story about getting a colonoscopy, dead relatives, running over a kid, and a very bizarre tale about a rock show gone totally wrong: that's what I call one hell of a good comedy MP3 album. There is ... [Read More]
I Like You
I Like You is what any audience member will tell Josh Johnson after his set. In a stand-up environment where the norm seems to be agressive and loud comics, Johnson's low-key conversational approach is a welcome respite. His mainly focuses on his shortcomings and misadventures and his take on those ... [Read More]
Naked and Amused
Naked and Amused by Dan Frigolette is a solid comedy mp3 album that unfortunately suffers from questionable sound quality. This takes away from the overall experience. This is a raunchy show for a raunchy (and shrill sounding) crowd that is great fun from beginnning to end.Frigolette is a very good ... [Read More]
The Nicest Boy in Barcelona
There is no way you are not going to looooove The Nicest Boy in Barcelona and comic Danny Lobell. There is also no way you can get rid of the earworm Lobell plants in his Costco bit. This is a highly enjoyable, good natured, just plain fun to listen to ... [Read More]