Writing Branded Content Is a Great Comedy Job That Will Definitely Destroy Your Soul
I spent almost four years working as part of, and then as the head of, the branded content team at CollegeHumor. Working on branded content made me better as a writer and professional, but made me feel worse mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Just like trying to find the balance betwee... [Read More]
Get a Job! The Laugh Button is hiring, apply now!
Hey you! Want to come work with us? We think you’ll be awesome. Right now we’re looking for an awesome comedy fan, writer, marketer, social guru, self starter that can help us expand our growing empire of comedy. We’re looking for someone great who would not only write for The Laug... [Read More]
What It's Like to Be an Artistic Director at a Comedy Theater
by Elise Czajkowski Comedy is an industry, and for every performer on stage, there are hundreds of people working behind-the-scenes. These creative and business jobs, which exist in all disciplines and levels of comedy, collectively make up the comedy scene. In this column, we're looking a comedy jo... [Read More]