Here’s Your First Look at the Set of ‘The Opposition with Jordan Klepper’
Ahead of the premiere of Jordan Klepper’s new late night show next week, Comedy Central welcomed a group of reporters this morning to check out the Opposition set, ask Klepper some questions, and meet his team of “Citizen Journalists.” While The Opposition will take on a similar fo... [Read More]
Shane Torres Is Crushing It
A few nights before he recorded his set for Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents (which premieres this Friday night at midnight), Shane Torres dropped in at New Orleans’ 12 Mile Limit for a quick set at the Bear with Me open mic. He had been touring the South running his half hour at off nights at... [Read More]
Lewis Black Covers the GOP’s “Douche Document” of a Healthcare Bill on ‘The Daily Show’
Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Lewis Black stopped by for a new installment of “Back in Black” about the GOP’s new Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill. Responding to some recent comments by “vomitorium of congeniality” Paul Ryan, Black points o... [Read More]
Comedy Central launching its own podcast network
You’ve seen or most likely listened to a Comedy Central podcast before. The TV network has uploaded episodes of its half-hours or audio extras from network talent to iTunes and elsewhere in the past. But now Comedy Central is making it more official with an official podcast network. Comedy Cen... [Read More]
Comedy Central to launch its own podcast network
Podcasting isn’t new to anyone who is a fan of comedy, technologically advanced, or those just plain ahead of the… MORE Comedy Central to launch its own podcast network appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Comedy Central Is Launching Its Own Podcast Network
Comedy Central is getting into the podcasting game. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has teamed up with Earwolf’s home Midroll Media to launch its very own podcast network, which will include “brand extensions” of existing shows as well as new and original cont... [Read More]
Nathan Fielder Catches Up with the Ghost Realtor in This ‘Nathan for You: A Celebration’ Sneak Peek
Tomorrow, Comedy Central will air an hourlong Nathan for You special called Nathan for You: A Celebration, where Fielder will reunite with some of the people he’s worked with over the past three seasons on the show. In the above sneak peek posted to Facebook today, Fielder checks in with ... [Read More]
“The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper” announces its full cast of correspondents and writers
The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper is set to premiere on Monday, September 25th right after The Daily Show. While Klepper… MORE “The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper” announces its full cast of correspondents and writers appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Here’s the Writing Staff for Comedy Central’s ‘The Opposition with Jordan Klepper’
Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper debuts his own late night series The Opposition next week, and in addition to announcing the show’s team of “Citizen Journalists,” today Comedy Central confirmed the full writing staff with us. Klepper’s fellow Daily Show alum Owen... [Read More]
The Opposition w/Jordan Klepper announces team of “Citizen Journalists” comedy correspondents
Jordan Klepper will have his own news team of “Citizen Journalists” when he debuts The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper on Comedy Central next Monday night after The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Welcome Tim Baltz, Laura Grey, Aaron Jackson, Josh Sharp, Kobi Libii and Niccole T... [Read More]