Episode #42: Brian Posehn
Today’s guest is Brian Posehn, one of The Comedians of Comedy a decade ago, and now for the first time, the star of a feature film as Uncle Nick in the dark new Christmas classic of the same name. Posehn has produced multiple metal music tracks with the greats of heavy metal, hosted a podcast ... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt’s JFL Keynote: Make Your own Luck (And Get an iPhone)
Patton Oswalt’s Just For Laughs Keynote should be required reading at every open mic, bar show and comedy club in America. If you want to make money being a comedian, this is the call to arms and the blueprint. If Maron’s keynote last yea... [Read More]
Going on Tour with the 'Comedians of Comedy' (review)
The tour, led by Patton Oswalt and featuring Maria Bamford, Zach Galifianakis, and Brian Posehn, played rock venues to younger audiences who couldn’t afford to go to comedy clubs. The idea, Oswalt explains in the film, is to encourage people to get into comedians the same way they get into bands, by following their careers for decades as they evolve. Watching the film now, it’s striking how much of what Oswalt wanted to happen has actually happened. When the film was shot in 2004, this group was... [Read More]
Netflix Instant Nudge: The Comedians of Comedy – The Movie | Third Guy Ducks
The movie isn't about stand-up comedy. It's not really even about stand-up comedians. It's about being stand-ups. The footage switches quickly between stage, backstage and road footage. Occasional staged interviews and even some mini-film stunting fill in to shake up the pace. If you ultimately don't trust that you're seeing the comedians be themselves, the footage is at least very lifelike. [Read More]