Breaking: Brad Howe and Mike Cullen Have Shticks
Welcome back to our crisp internet pages, Brad Howe and Mike Cullen! Now that my Twitter replies saying these videos would be featured have brought you here, I’d like to congratulate you both on your respective shticks. In a world where nothing is certain and insecurity rages like th... [Read More]
Thanks For Looking After My Five-Headed Bat-Like Creature While I’m Away On Vacation! by Alex Lee
Thanks for taking care of Giuseppe while I’m away on vacation, Shaun. Especially on such short notice! Sarah, the girl who works in business affairs, had to drop out last minute. But I know he’ll be in good hands with you. In this note, you’ll find a couple of simple things to reme... [Read More]
Ian Charles Garner (@sweatpantspapi) on Using Twitter Not as a Stage But as a Bullhorn
Ian Charles Garner is a future EGOT recipient who is constantly sporting a fresh fade and always attached to his phone. He’s gearing up to become a full blown, bicoastal Instagram boytoy as he pursues an MFA in Screenwriting at LMU’s School of Film and Television. Contrary to popular bel... [Read More]
Found: Female Filmmakers’ Fun Films
Some say “the future is female.” Wait, before I get into this, I have to apologize for the title of this piece. Apology accepted? Cool. Okay, let me start over. Some say “the future is female.” After watching this week’s featured videos, I’d have to agree. No... [Read More]
The Keynote Address at the Association for Aspiring Plumbers, by Chris Morgan
I’m glad to see so many young people here with an interest in pursuing a career in plumbing. However, I feel it is my duty to inform you that if you want to be a plumber because you want to be like Mario, you are bound to be disappointed. I know that’s tough to hear. […] [Read More]
When ‘The Mental Illness Happy Hour’ Revealed Glynn Washington’s Fascinating, Too-Strange-for-Fiction Backstory
Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. In times of trouble and turmoil, I have found comfort and solace in the soothing, eternally reassuring voices on NPR. I don’t know how to drive, so I do not listen to NPR while driving ... [Read More]
Jackie Jennings (@ohhijackie) on Politics, Toilets, Death, and Time
Jackie Jennings is a host for the SyFy channel and regular at the UCB theater (GOAT, A Big Dumb Thing). This week we talked about three of her favorite tweets she’s made, plus Australian toilets, Brody Jenner, and the NY Mets. Living my truth until someone presents me with a better, more lucra... [Read More]
A Horrifying Parody Series That May Be True
Today, Splitsider has the dubious honor of premiering the third and most recent episode of Modern Aliens: A Documentary Periodical, written and directed by Jordan Jaffe and a harbinger of worldwide doom. Utilizing a clever method of packaging comedy and news i... [Read More]
On the Eve of a Grand Space Voyage, by Jeremy Freeze
Good evening, distinguished members of the world’s first interplanetary exploration team. As you prepare both physically and mentally for the arduous journey that lies ahead, please allow me to remind you of some vital practices that could make the difference between life and death on this mon... [Read More]
@Rawiya Kameir on Cultural Specificity and Hating Twitter
Rawiya Kameir is a writer and editor in New York. She edits The Outline’s culture section. This week she and I talked about three of her favorite tweets, plus frustration, Virgil Abloh, and why Twitter’s not a reporting tool. me: hello white person: — raw... [Read More]