Christopher Guest Looks to Do Improvised TV Show "Family Tree"
Guest and his fellow Brit moviemaking cohort Jim Piddock (who co-stars in both Best in Show and A Mighty Wind) are hard at work on a new effort. Surprisingly, it’s aimed for television, rather than the big screen. We’re told it’s an improvised genealogy comedy called Family Tree, and it follows the efforts of one man — in this case, Bridesmaids star Chris O’Dowd — as he attempts to track down his real family. [Read More]
Watch the trailer for Judd Apatow’s ‘This Is 40′ with Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Jason Segel, more
The just-released official trailer gifts us with scenes from Melissa McCarthy (“I have very high nipples!”), Jason Segel (“I have turned your body into a boner machine.”) and of course, the flick’s protagonists Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, who play a married couple with two kids. [Read More]
Charlyne Yi, Chris O'Dowd, Lena Dunham Join The Knocked Up Spin-Off You Are Now Going To See
Variety reports that plans for the upcoming Knocked Up sequel now include previous collaborators Lena Dunham and Charlyne Yi. Wyatt Russell, the son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, is also in negotiations to join the ensemble. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are set to reprise the husband-and-wife roles they played in Apatow's "Knocked Up." They'll be joined by Megan Fox and Albert Brooks, who will play Rudd's father. [Read More]
Introducing Chris O'Dowd, the Unsung Hero of 'Bridesmaids'
Unless you're an avid fan of BBC sitcoms, chances are you haven't heard of Chris O'Dowd. But as hapless computer technician Roy on "The IT Crowd," the Irish O'Dowd rose to popularity on the comedy, which airs in America on IFC. And after appearances in such films as "Pirate Radio," "Dinner for Schmucks," and "Gulliver's Travels," O'Dowd is set to make his biggest splash yet in "Bridesmaids," playing a police officer who develops a crush on Kristen Wiig's harried Annie. Below, what you need to kn... [Read More]