“Glenn Has Idea$,” a new web series from Sexpot Comedy launches August 3rd
Beginning next week, the folks at Sexpot Comedy will launch a brand new web series called Glenn has Idea$. The series launches on August 3rd and will release three episodes a week for three weeks, that’s nine total episodes for your math wizards. The title character of the series is comedian/p... [Read More]
Is “Conan” the only stand-up TV credit that matters most now?
There are so many places to see stand-up comedy on TV and online during this digital comedy boom, that it certainly has become difficult to know what credits even matter any longer. As Grant Pardee notes in a piece today for Paste Magazine: "It was funny to see Madonna perform stand-up on The Tonigh... [Read More]
Nikki Glaser recruits her comedian friends for a game of football
For research purposes, Comedy Central has sent Nikki Glaser to crash with a full house of 20-somethings to find out what makes CC’s key demo tick. The web-series Comedians Crashing Couches follows Glaser’s week crashing with a house of vlog experts. Last week, Glaser recruited a few of h... [Read More]
New Podcasts on the Block: Three new comedy podcasts worth a look
“Everyone has a podcast.” Well, that’s not true you walking cliche… but we’re getting there and good for us. Podcasts have become a very popular outlet for comedians and comedy nerds alike. With new podcasts popping up here and there all the time, sometimes the news ge... [Read More]
Chris Fairbanks | RooftopComedy Interview
For many comics, a steady gig is the light at the end of a very long tunnel. A job as a TV host can be the final frontier, after countless club shows and hundreds of hours on the road. Not the case with Chris Fairbanks. After serving his time as a p... [Read More]