Review: “The Comedian” starring Robert De Niro
Don’t be misled by the title or the movie trailers. The Comedian, a Taylor Hackford film (An Officer and a Gentleman, Ray) starring Robert De Niro as a former sitcom star and stand-up comedian still trying to ply his trade into his 70s, is actually a love story about second chances and last ch... [Read More]
Reliving “The Great American Dream Machine,” on PBS from 1971-1972, and now on DVD
Four years before Saturday Night Live, and three years before Monty Python's Flying Circus would land on this side of the pond, New York City's public television station Thirteen put a spotlight on great young comedians and actors who'd become ready for primetime soon enough. A pastiche of patriotic... [Read More]
Charles Grodin Calls Louis C.K. “the Single Most Talented Person That I’ve Ever Worked With”
Charles Grodin has been submitted as a guest comedy actor contender for this year’s Emmys for his role on Louie, so Deadline recently sat down with the actor for an interview about his career, why he took a break from acting in the ’90s, and what he’s learned from working with Loui... [Read More]
The Johnny Carson Comeback Special That Never Was
by Ramsey Ess On Mark Malkoff’s wonderful Carson Podcast, several guests have been asked about why they believe that when Johnny said goodbye on May 22, 1992 he never returned to television in any substantial form. Several of them say that Johnny cited Bob Hope as the inspiration behind his de... [Read More]
Michael Cera’s short film Brazzaville Teen-ager is a work of art, if not funny (Video + Review)
There’s surely more succinct ways in which to espouse the power of music or to explore the complications inherent in relationships between parents and their offspring than to produce a nearly 20-minute art film: Music can heal. Also, sometimes ... [Read More]