Dave Flebotte talks inside comedy baseball of his Showtime series with Jim Carrey, “I’m Dying Up Here”
I’m Dying Up Here almost didn’t survive to a second season. Dave Flebotte, who with Jim Carrey created the Showtime adaptation of William Knoedelseder’s best-seller about The Comedy Store in the 1970s, told me over the phone last week that when Showtime gave them “a... [Read More]
Cathy Ladman on The Late Late Show
If the Jews supposedly run show business, then how Jewish is too Jewish to get your TV show pitch through the Hollywood system? That's a valid question for Cathy Ladman, as she explained on Monday's episode of The Late Late Show with guest host Drew Carey. One thing we all can agree on: Free food sa... [Read More]
“More Gauze,” a tribute to Mike Nichols by Cathy Ladman
This story begins when I was about 8 years old, as most of my stories do. That is the year that I became captivated by comedy. My parents’ record cabinet is where it really all began for me. I listened to everything they had, mostly Broadway cast albums of “Funny Girl,” “Mame... [Read More]
Cathy Ladman jokes about her anorexia in stand-up and panel on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Cathy Ladman has brought her life-long struggle with anorexia to her stand-up, both in a new one-woman show, "Does This Show Make Me Look Fat?", as well as her most recent stand-up performance Friday night on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Ladman not only performed a set but also sat with F... [Read More]
We Get the ‘Naked Truth’ from Comedian Cathy Ladman
Our talk with comedian Cathy Ladman is filled with gems. Ladman is true sweetheart who’s not afraid to share about her on going fight with anorexia or that she was at first scared to take the stage. What helped her find the inspiration to do st... [Read More]
Josh Malina: Scandalous
Surely everyone reading this knows who Joshua Malina is. He is a national treasure and our finest living actor, even though he somewhat disagrees with that assessment. But he’s just being modest. In this wide-ranging interview Josh, or J-Dogg as his ... [Read More]
Cathy Ladman: No Apologies
Cathy Ladman is one of the best comedians of her generation. This explains why I was so shocked when she agreed to do my show. There is like a 99% chance that Dylan bribed her. In this interview Cathy and I discuss comedy, politics, working blue, Rob... [Read More]
StandUp in Stilettos returns on November 10th
StandUp in Stilettos, The TV Guide network show that features killer all-female comics telling jokes will return on November 10th for a second season. Once again host, Kate Flannery (The Office) This season will boast comics such as Thea Vidale (Thea, The Drew Carey Show), Cory Kahaney (Late Night w... [Read More]