Can you make a comeback to stand-up after 20 years offstage? Ask Lou DiMaggio
Some people quit stand-up comedy. Some people don’t quit until they die. And others just fade away, for a variety of reasons. What was Lou DiMaggio’s excuse? That’s one of the questions answered in Where Have You Gone Lou DiMaggio?, a documentary film by Brad Kulhman whic... [Read More]
The Urban Erma: Flashback: Def Comedy Jam
This is indeed terribly ironic since a new booker recently told me that he could no longer use me for his gigs because I was known as “an intelligent comic” and he didn’t think this was a good fit for his audience. This is despite the fact that I’ve been performing with great... [Read More]
Details About Rick Newman’s New Comedy Theatre In Manhattan
Rick Newman, the man responsible for Catch A Rising Star, which he opened in Manhattan at the end of 1972, has been a good friend of mine for many years, and he gave me this inside scoop which I will share with you Laugh Button readers. Rick and his partner, Peter Martin, have undertaken a [...] ... [Read More]
Catch A Rising Star comedy club to return to Stamford | The Advocate
The New Jersey-based comedy chain is reopening late this month in the 501-room Stamford Marriott after a five-month hiatus. It had operated in the hotel's lower level for about four months. In the larger venue, the club will have a big-name performer one or two nights a month, rather than lesser-known acts that it had put on each weekend, said Suzy Yengo, partner, president and chief operating officer of Catch A Rising Star. "We found that the size and location of the room was not doing us justi... [Read More]