Ricky Gervais's transgender jokes show we're all in a kind of transition
The comic has been accused of transphobia after riffing about Caitlyn Jenner in his standup show. So does giving him a favourable review endorse those gags?Ricky Gervais sometimes gets people’s backs up and so, it transpires, do reviewers who write about him. “B4 you write another @guard... [Read More]
Joe Rogan is fired up in the trailer for his new Netflix special, “Triggered”
Netflix followed up its big news of signing a deal with Chris Rock by releasing the trailer for Joe Rogan’s new stand-up special, Triggered. Rogan is a bit of a folk hero for many people, as he’d built up a supremely loyal following over the years through his podcast, tackling everything... [Read More]
Bill Burr’s comments on Caitlyn Jenner that have social media talking
Bill Burr has a way of framing things in a way that often makes people say, “yeah, he’s got a point.” That happened during his most recent appearance on Conan. Burr was there to promote his November Madison Square Garden show (Nov 14th as part of the NY Comedy Festival) and he told... [Read More]