The 4th annual All Jane comedy festival kicks off October 14th in Portland
Within seconds of walking into last year’s All Jane Comedy Festival, I blew the crotch out of my pants. That’s not a euphemism. Sure, maybe I’m just another skinny-pant-clad millennial who suffered a #hipsterproblem or, it’s possible that I did one too many squats while watch... [Read More]
Comedian Brent Weinbach proves the most iron of all Iron Comics at SF Sketchfest
SAN FRANCISCO – In the end, the audience at Cobb’s Comedy Club gleefully selected the understated, absurdist humor of Brent Weinbach as the winner of Iron Comic last night. So, what does that mean, exactly? Well, for one, it means Weinbach has skills well beyond slinging well-written and... [Read More]