Brendan Eyre on Late Night With Seth Meyers, “I was the kid in school whose mom packed the healthy lunch”
Brendan Eyre made his late night TV debut last night dropping by Late Night with Seth Meyers and talk about some awkward times in his life, particularly those that require him to be an embarrassed child. Ya know, the ones that get the healthy snacks? He also has body grooming issues, but don’t... [Read More]
Brendan Eyre on Late Night with Seth Meyers
For his late-night network TV debut, Brendan Eyre showed how you can make a nervous energy work in your favor, as his opening bit on Monday's Late Night with Seth Meyers brought the crowd into his corner to share his embarrassment at trying and failing to groom his body hair. "Don't go in the woods!... [Read More]
First impressions, New Faces Unrepped at Montreal’s Just For Laughs 2014
For all of the artificial and natural word-of-mouth buzz that happens each July in Montreal, perhaps the most likely to produce buzz event of Just For Laughs is the New Faces Unrepped showcase. All of these stand-up comedians arrived in Montreal a week and a half ago without agents or managers, but ... [Read More]
Here are Montreal’s New Faces: Unrepped 2014 at Just For Laughs
On Monday night, Montreal's Just For Laughs and ComedyPro Conference announced most of the New Faces of Comedy for this week's festivities. Generations of stand-up comedians have regarded New Faces as a stepping-stone to something bigger, in part because the festival and because the industry long tr... [Read More]