Chris Rock’s SNL monologue tackles Boston marathon, Freedom Tower, gun control (Video)
Opening with the Boston Marathon bombing, Chris Rock delivered a Saturday Night Live monologue unlike the light-hearted fare offered by most SNL hosts. Some online are claiming the old standby arguments against such a bit: “It’s too soon” and “sometimes there are things you j... [Read More]
Dane Cook announces first stand-up tour in four years
Last we heard about Dane Cook’s stand-up career was nothing to celebrate about, what with his announcement of a long hiatus. But it seems that hiatus is at an end! Cook has just announced that he will hit the road again in the fall with all new material. His new Under Oath tour will follow [..... [Read More]
Dane Cook angers Boston fans by pulling his set from Boston Strong live stream (poll)
Last night several big acts that have close ties to the city of Boston, like Aerosmith, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet and New Kids on the Block gathered for the Boston Strong concert held to raise money for One Fund Boston which is supporting victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Dane Cook, a comedi... [Read More]
Watch Steven Wright at the Boston Strong benefit show for Boston Marathon bombing victims (Video)
Last night some of the world’s best known Boston-native performers – including comedians Dane Cook and Steven Wright – came together at the TD Garden in Beantown to raise money for The One Fund in honor of the victims of last month’s bombing at the B... [Read More]
I had to delete it. I can’t speak against the hive mind of Twitter. It’s a crowd.
“I didn’t hit send on that tweet and and think, ‘Where’s my applause?’ I thought the joke was defensible, but I think people got mad more because I was a celebrity, not a comedian. People know who I am now. I tweeted about Aurora, no one cared.” – Anthony Je... [Read More]
Too soon, too close to home: Comedians witness Watertown shootout, manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspects
"Too soon!" is a refrain popularized by and among stand-up comedians for not letting enough time to pass for tragedy to become comedy. But what happens when terrorism and the national spotlight literally visits your doorstep and is happening right ou... [Read More]
Fox removes Family Guy episode in light of Boston Marathon bombings
In response to the bombings at the Boston Marathon (see Patton Oswalt’s response) on Monday, that, as of this writing, has left three dead and 183 injured, Fox has pulled a recent episode of Family Guy that depicts multiple deaths at the Boston... [Read More]
Boston Marathon Jokes Curated by Sickipedia
Boston Marathon Jokes Some people argue that “too soon” jokes are disrespectful, offensive, insensitive, rude, hurtful and shameless. Let’s add not funny to the list. A joke is supposed to make people laugh and feel better. Not cri... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt responds to Boston Marathon bombing: The good outnumber the evil
As of this writing, there have been two confirmed deaths and dozens more injured – many critically – in a bombing that took place today near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. While we’re certainly not the news organization on which you should r... [Read More]